Friday, 9 January 2009

+++PA: Statement from the McCann Family+++

The PA wire has a statement from the McCann Family:

Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry McCann, demanded an apology from Mr Lewis.

He said: "The offensiveness of this activist's actions is almost beyond belief.

"I know Gerry and Kate will be grateful that the Tory Party has taken swift and appropriate action by ejecting him from the party.

"His actions are not only disgraceful in themselves, they will also cause great hurt to Kate and Gerry. I feel it is appropriate that he now apologises both privately and publicly to them.

"It is a complete disgrace that Madeleine's name and image should be made fun of in this way."

The swift action by the Party was exactly the right thing to do.

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Anonymous said...

This is an important lesson for everyone, as it demonstrates that a facebook page which is not carefully restricted to close friends, is now regarded in the same way as a globally available internet page.

It would be outrageous for the Conservative Party to expel someone for a poor choice of fancy dress - the Royal Family did not expel Harry - and even for emailing a few friends about it - but for advertising this action publicly, whether on the web or on an unrestricted facebook page in a way which so closely associates CF with the individual concerned, was very poor judgement.

I must admit, as an employer, to checking facebook when I receive applications. My primary interest is in the level of common sense applied to what is available to all to see. If I can see more than the boring basics, it can be a positive or negative influence, but people and particularly students who may not be thinking beyond their campus existence when they use such sites, need to get smart about this.

I hope this episode has sent a lot of CF members rapidly to the top right of their facebook page to adjust the privacy settings, and into their friends list to put some on limited profiles and send others they don't truly know into facebook oblivion.


Bet he wishes he hadn't been so negative about training offered by the Young Britons' Foundation now, he would have known better if he'd had it!

One Man and His Dog said...

Agree. But Maddy's parents can't take the high horse on what is wrong & right with the world - surely they shouldn't have left her alone in the first place?

Anonymous said...

that is not the issue here. right or wrong a child is more than likely dead and this little shit is ripping the piss of that fact.

Anonymous said...

Matthias said...

To the anonymous employer, so long as it does not bring your business a bad name and is neither criminal activity, I dont see what someone does in their private life is necessary to be checked on in application. The most professional work person can in their own time let their hair down. Of course in the case of Matt Lewis this is unforgiveable, tasteless and unamusing and good bloody riddance.

willo said...

He gets expelled for a fancy dress costume but the McCanns are allowed to effectively to leave three kids under four years old to fend for themselves for six nights in a row in a foriegn country (even after the oldest, Madeleine, three, asked why?) ending with one of them going missing.
The McCanns actions and judgement seem somewhat sicker than a young mans attempt at humour. Almost as sick as those that keep on covering for these very poor parents.

Jordan D

Willo - I'm agreeing with you. How they can still be allowed to look after their other children is beyond me. They've admitted that they left Madeline alone. That is traditionally classed as child neglect and social services take any other children off the parents so it doesn't happen again. But social services hasn't. Somewhere, something has gone very wrong.

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