Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Piss off.

Whoever it is that is signing up Tory Bear's personal email address to gay dating sites and darker subservient sex clubs pack it in.

Not very subtle to threaten someone one day and then take steps to smear them the next now is it?

Ridiculously busy day sorting out life at university and assorted hackery but back to normal tomorrow.


Andrew Young said...

I PROMISE it wasn't me.

It is very funny though - keep up the good work anon!!

Ellie C said...

I'm not thrilled about your part in the Lewis fiasco but I'm looking forward to TB getting back to normal. You may not be my fave bear at the moment, but we need to re-focus on the actual issues of injecting some humour into the CF machine and ultimatley winning elections. The Lefties are having a great week at our expense and we need to show a united front. TB, chin up and get back to blogging, I miss your witty banter!

John Moorcraft

I have no idea why anybody would seek to do such a thing to be honest. However, I suspect that the fact that gay dating websites and sex clubs have been mentioned indicates but one thing.

Mr Bear – The culprit is certain to be a member of the Conservative Party


I bet it was Young said...

If Young can prove it wasn't him then invite him to hand his laptop over to the police who you have presumably reported this to.

AJJM said...

Quite sad some people would go this low. At least it shows you must be doing something right TB - I'd be worried if everyone loved you!

Anonymous said...

Yes TB we miss your witty banter too .... do hurry up and get back to normal!

Niccolo Machiavelli


Can't think why anyone would want to do that to you though...!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone has been studying the Ian Oakley guide to campaigning.

Anonymous said...

I AM thrilled about your role in the Lewis fiasco - it was essential and every other shitbag in the organisation should be shown for what they are. When they've all gone we'll be left with an organisation that's at least capable of organising a piss up in a brewery without ending up on Sky News because somme dickhead decided to piss in the hops. Grow up CF and start being the future instead of throwing it away.

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