Friday, 27 February 2009

Another day, another Dolly boo boo...

Good morning Derek,
TB hopes your head isn't too sore after a night out at the Labour Party party. How was hanging out with blogging sensations Alistair Campbell and JP? After you got your little friend's lawyers to get on to this bear about certain awkward photos stolen from OK! magazine, Tory Bear was a bit grumpy about letting a washed up, disgraced oaf get one over him. Just moments later though, he couldn't help notice, upon accidentally clicking through to your site, that you are a bit of a hypocrite Derek.
You made a big fuss about what others are doing, but once again you failed to check your own shop
was in order
. As TB is sure you know, you have to pay a minimum of $1 to use any istockphoto legally. They display all photos with a watermark as a sample only. If you wish to reproduce the image you have to purchase it.
Oh dear Sir, not only are you a liar but a hypocrite too.

But then we all always knew that didn't we.

All best
Tory Bear

PS. If the above photo of the ballot box disappears it's becuase it's hosted on LabourList and Derek has removed it. Don't worry TB saved a copy too...


Anonymous said...

Scraping the bottom of the barrel aren't we?

Anonymous said...

I see Guido has used a photo of Garraway and Draper today: will HE get a shitty letter too? Or is Draper just into bullying undergrads?

The Grim Reaper

Where has Derek Draper been this week? I haven't noticed any posts from him at all. Perhaps the rumours about him being edged out of LabourList are true?

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