Friday, 27 February 2009

Man on fire

Apparently a man set himself on fire outside Parliament today. TB can't seem to find out anything else about it other than this
BBC report
. Can't help but think of that Ricky Gervais sketch..."Wait you're going to set yourself on fire..."

UPDATE: 23.00:
FoxNews is speculating that this could be a Tamil protest


Anonymous said...

I read this earlier and was disappointed that I couldn't find out more... I can only assume madness or desperate times were to blame.

p.s. TB, shouldn't that read "you're", not "your".

Nic Conner

A bit late hay BBC tell us that he was protesting against the Iraq war, the day Obama falls to the public polls and mouths after the uk duse the same thing.

Unless he is of sound mind to know that leaving Iraq now will be worse for us in year to come(for the record I was against the Iraq as I dought fall of the intelligence but once we were in I did and do think we should not leave because it unpopular we owe it to the people of Iraq)but he did set him self of fire so I dont think he is of sound mind.

Tom FD said...

He chose a bit of a stupid day to do it, all the MPs have gone home for the weekend!

Regarding the Tamil protests, there was a march last time I was in Westminster, apparently of equivalent number to the Gaza protest. And yet I don't recall seeing an equivalent amount of coverage for this issue. Weird, that...

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