Thursday, 26 February 2009

Essex boys up the game...

There is growing concern across the country that Conservative Future isn't receiving enough support from CCHQ. Given there are once again no staff running operations this is hardly surprising. While things like freshers campaigns and some guidance from the top is necessary, the best work that Conservative Future does comes from organic grassroots ideas. A prime example of this would be the three councillors from Essex, who have set up a network that will train young people in how to get elected to your local authority, guiding them through the application and selection processes. TB will be keeping an eye on what is going on down in Essex because if it is successful it would be an excellent model for regional coordinators to roll out across the country.

Councillor Nicklen, one of the founding members, himself of CF age commented “Its an exciting opportunity to increase the number of young people in local politics and dismiss the assumption young people are apathetic. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure this committee works effectively in achieving its goals” Cllr James Cottis, added,"Since I was elected in 2006 when I was 24, I have seen a range of younger Councillors being elected and I believe that we have the duty to mentor younger Councillors.”

Though support my be dwindling for CF from the central office, the movement on the ground is growing. This is not the time for CCHQ to engage in a war with CF as we should be on full election watch. On the eve of battle it's not wise to piss off your troops. The numbers of people going through
training, people like these councillors and recently Clare Hilley too, show just how serious the conservative youth movement in this country is becoming. While a top down organisation wouldn't be ideal, a little support from the top would be appreciated.

There is an open letter brewing in TB about this whole issue, but in the mean time well done to this lot and to others around the country who are working every day on a volunteer basis to change this country for the better.


Guido Fawkes

Why do youu need guidance from CCHQ? You're not kids are you?

Raise some money and you can do your own thing.


Well a quarter really are kids and half act like them.

Yeah while I agree we need independent branches doing their own thing, at the same time some guidance is needed from the centre to help the overall direction and make sure resources are in the right places - ie seats we have a hope in hell of winning. PPCs with double digit majorities to overturn often have fantastic cf branches and hog members that can be used to great effect ten mins in a car away where we can actually win.

We don't want to be told what to do by CCHQ but the safty net shouldn't be binned. And it doesn't help when CCHQ staffers put the rumour around that CF will be cut off completely.. way to destroy moral.


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