Tuesday, 3 February 2009

For Foulkes sake...

Apologies for the lack of blogging. TB has been snowed under (haha,) with work and debating the Student SNP last night. Edinburgh University

Student Newspaper
have given George Foulkes
two barrels
this morning with a piece about his involvement with the firm Evershed and cash for access corruption. Once again however Foulkes is using his paid staff, who rather than dealing with the concerns of his constituents as an MSP are instead using their paid time to issue retractions to campaign staff to push around campus today
This message was sent in the middle of the day, solid proof of what everyone has known - Foulkes and Labour can't win without having paid staffers run his campaign. Here is what the message said:

If you come across a copy of Student Newspaper today - you'll see the Headline "Foulkes in Cash for Access Controversy." The story is written by one Liz Rawlings.
The basic gist of the story is that an unnamed academic has written a letter of complaint to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner about George's involvement with a law firm called Eversheds.
This unnamed complainant has asked the commissioner to investigate whether George has breached the Members Code of Conduct under section 5.1.6
In April 2008, an SNP activist called Andrew Harlick wrote to the Standards Commissioner on the exact same issue with the exact same complaint. After a 6 week investigation, the Standards Commissioner threw the complaint out entirely.
- There wasn't just insufficient evidence. There was no evidence whatsoever to substantiate the complainants' allegations.
George wants you to know that his work with Eversheds is completely above board and he has never tabled any motions or questions on behalf of a client. Such a practice turns his stomach as much as it does yours.
All this information was given to the Sunday Herald (who originally broke the story) by George. The Sunday Herald – the same paper which Iain MacWhirter writes for – chose not to publish it.
Student, and in particular Liz Rawlings - whose facebook picture sees her side by side with Alex Salmond – lifted the story directly from the Sunday Herald.
George phoned the Standards Commissioner this morning – whose office is yet to receive a letter of complaint about George from anyone.
Read into this set of events what you will – but George was keen for you, as members of the campaign to have the full facts at your disposal. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

George is on campus this afternoon continuing to proudly campaign for the rectorship which he cares so much about.

Best wishes,

There was a rumour afoot after Foulkes failed to show up to a debate last night that he is seriously considering dropping out of the race rather than face the humiliation of a dismal third.

Yet another Pyongyang style retraction from an increasingly desperate campaign.


Anonymous said...

And so it begins....

Anonymous said...

There's no smoke without fire. He just isn't trusted and neither are his campaign team.

Anonymous said...

This article in Student was written by a SNP supporter. See below.


She even has a picture of her with Salmond as a Facebook picture.

There was no impropriety and this has already been established by the Standards Commissioner.

Surely Tories like you do not resent people making money? Is this the politics of envy or do you only approve of your capitalist chums making a bit of cash??

Anonymous said...

No she's not. She's a Green.

The Standards Commissioner has also not ruled on the current letter from the academic. So less of the Alistair-Campbellian sophistry.

And your link doesn't work.

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