Wednesday, 4 February 2009

McMenamin crosses the line.

After he set up various tory hate sites and attended the Derek Draper/Number 10 blogging love in, Adrian McMenamin went under the radar as his bosses at the CBI told him to pack the partisan politics in and focus on his job. At first McMenamin was a notable absence but it now seems however that Mr Hate My Tory Dot Com is back and is a fully signed up member of the

LabourList crew

What is it going to take before the CBI wake up and realise that one of their
is taking the piss and making a mockery of their impartiality?

Writing for a LABOUR supporting website, having already been warned, must be too far?


Starbuck Coleman said...

I don't take a disliking to people very often but I crossed paths with him a couple of years ago and that man really was an utter shit.

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