Sunday, 12 April 2009

Brown must have known.

There's a headline TB never thought he would see on the BBC:

They are right though. Brown needs to come out and say that he didn't know about this in person. The fact he hasn't is only making what we all suspect just that little bit more likely to be true. Gordon Brown has built his career on destroying his enemies rather than standing up and fighting them at the ballot box. No one outside of his constituency, bar a few deluded students at Edinburgh University in 1972, have ever voted for this twisted master of the dark arts. Tom Watson may be vulnerable next, but lets not take our eye of the big picture. Brown may not have put it in writing, he may not have even directly referred to the RedRag blog, but to suggest that he didn't know what his closest and most trusted advisor was doing at the next desk, or at least have a vague idea of what was going on with Draper, is insulting and it will not wash.

The decision to allow Draper to come back would have come from the very top - let us not forget that Draper was a trusted Mandy/Blairite, so the decision to allow him to play such an important role would not have been taken lightly by the viciously tribal Brown and McBride. There is no doubt that Brown would have discussed general strategy with McBride and Watson concerning the internet. Maybe it was over a quiet whisky after a long day in No10, maybe anger one morning when reading a particularly heavy attack from Guido, either way something triggered No10 and the Labour high command to make a conscious decision to attack the right-wing blogosphere. Everyone knows that Brown is a control freak, the boss, the one that has the final say.
His desk is in the very middle of the nerve centre at No10 purely for this reason. Brown likes to know exactly what is going on around him and has his fingers in all the pies. He had to have known at least something about this. Like Nixon, he is now lying to the nation and that is what will be the final noose around his neck. The statements from No10 leave absolutely no wiggle room and the decision to put Byrne on the TV constantly for the last 24 hours was very foolish indeed. No wonder Watson is hiding. This lot are toast.

What did Brown know and when?


Tory Poppins

Excellent post. I believe he must have known given the micro-manager that he is. I'm so praying the idea for a vote of no confidence gains momentum. We desperately need it.

Miller 2.0

"no one outside of his constituency, bar a few deluded students at Edinburgh University in 1972"

Same goes for every PM we've ever had. At the last election, I voted for Tony Lloyd, not Tony Blair (and I have to say that it left me feeling a lot better anyway).

Anonymous said...

You Tory w*nkers make me sick. You behave like you're as innocent as a bunch of choir boys but in reality your just as cheating and obnoxious as anyone in the Labour Party. And don't give me any of that sh1t about "mending our broken society!" You're the lot that effin well broke it in the first place!


oh off it brown has no mandate.

he was not elected by his party, he stiched up a crooked deal to become leader by smearing anyone who got in his way after watson and mcbride brought down blair.

he is too scared to face the country.

it may be the case by the book but at the end of the day the majority of the voters in teh is country vote for the leader, or the party rather than the specific local mp and you know it.

Anonymous said...

Good post Mr Bear, a more extreme example of your point, is it's similar to David Irving claiming that Hitler didn't have any knowledge of the holocaust because there was no written documentary evidence to prove it.

Of course it's inconceivable and preposterous that Hitler would have been ignorant of it given his complete hold over the German state

Minger 0.02 said...

Gordon is perfect in every way. Did you know he's rumoured to be a Saint? He's so nice and caring, and good with people on a social level.
He got rid of boom and bust, that was due to the 'risk based approach' to regulation, it worked wonders.
Gordon is never petty or vicious and he never lies, ever. I love Gordon, he's like a surrogate dad to me.
Not that anyone ever needs a dad. Families are a bourgeois construct designed to oppress women. Did I say how much Gordon cares about ordinary real hard working families? Doesn't need to be said really does it? He's so obviously the best thing since.. well no, he's the best person ever.
Jesus would have liked to have been as clever and kind as Gordon.
Gordon is a brilliant political operator, ignore the fact that Cameron has smashed him in every large scale set of Local Elections. That was just because some people got infected with counter-revolutionary propaganda.
Don't worry, Gordon and his wonderful friends are working hard to make sure people only get Real Propaganda Now.


"vulnerable", not "venerable" - your spell checker is guessing wrong.

Who is the Labour cretin above, still blaming the state of society on the Tories AFTER TWLEVE YEARS OF A LABOUR GOVERNMENT. What a prat!


Is there such a crime as "conspiracy to libel"?

It would be very interesting to get McBride in a court of law and see if anything emerges.


Lest we forget, Gordo may not in fact be entitled to the full PM pension payout should there be an election soon, I don't think he's been in the post long enough to be eligible. Hence why he's hanging on for dear life, no-one is going to employ this man ever again, and unlike Blair he doesn't appear to have the brains to milk the after dinner speech/interfaith relations circuit once he's out.


As you so rightly say, the longer Gordon Brown stays silent the more obvious it is to us all that he was full party to the smear tactics of McBride and Draper.

After all if he was, by some amazing miracle, unaware of the smear tactics going on all around him all he would have to do is is

for the disgusting conduct of those closest to him.

And we all know that 'ain't gonna happen'!

Not a sheep

Can we identify all those in the picture of the Number 10 Nerve Centre? Knowing who sits where and who can see whose PC screens might assist...

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