Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Sing along with the Common People...

Fantastic news that Jarvis Cocker has endorsed the prospect of a Tory government in an interview with GQ. NME

are reporting

"The former Pulp frontman revealed that he has become disillusioned with Gordon Brown and the Labour party in general in an interview with GQ. "I think his [Gordon Brown's] behaviour just makes a mockery of the whole system," Cocker is quoted as saying in the interview. "A Conservative government is necessary. There is no credible alternative. You can sense an era passing."

Despite saying that he was a life long Labour voter, this isn't the first time that Cocker has been scathing about the Labour Government. When they asked him to campaign for Blair he replied with the brilliant "
Cocaine Socialism
" - a damning attack on Labour's culture of spin and celebrity:

I thought that you were joking
When you said "I want to see you
To discuss your contribution to the future
of our nation's heart and soul
Six o'clock, my place, Whitehall"

Now get down to the gist: "Do you want a line of this?
Are you a (sniff) socialist?"
Just one hit And I feel great
And I support The welfare state

Oh, you must be socialist 'Cos you're always off out on the piss
In your private member's bar Oh yes you are Yer superstar
Well you sing about common people
And the mis-shapes and the misfits
So can you bring them to my party
And get them all to sniff this? And all I'm really saying
Is come on and rock the vote for me. All I'm really saying
Is come on roll up that note for me...

Though he won't be knocking on doors, Cocker is a welcome addition to the fold. TB has been a Pulp fan since as long as he has been into music and is rather pleased Cocker has seen the light.

All together now, "She came from Greece and had a thirst for knowledge..."



Anonymous said...

He's actually denied that he will vote for them. He just said a Tory government was inevitable.

CQ misrepresented what he said. But then I guess they don't ind as they'll probably go out of business soon.


Maybe not!



They can keep him.

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