Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Have you seen this man?

MPs beware if this man approaches you in the corridor. He is dangerous, has previous and will say anything he thinks you want to hear. Tom Harris
the race is on, so it must be true, and guess which name he is banding around?

John Bercow must be stopped at all costs in his ridiculous attempt at becoming the Speaker. He's been at it for years, buttering up Labour benches with blatant overtures like this:
Even if it means not having a Tory in the chair, this turncoat and spineless slime ball must be stopped.


James Burdett

I suspect that John Bercow will be elected Speaker over the rotting corpses of many in the Parliamentary Conservative Party.

Knut said...

Please no, not him!

Bookworm said...

Don't pull your punches, TB, tell us what you really think of Mr Bercow :)


Funny how that article you link to by Bercow is calling for positive discrimination.

Isn't that how Speaker Martin got the job - Labour determined to ensure that one of the "establishment" whatever that means, did not get the role, chose a sheet metal worker who had few skills for the job.

We have seen that positive discrimination does not work.

Anonymous said...

Bercow isn't a serious proposal - it's just Labour winding-up the Tories for trying to push Mad Frankie Field.

Anonymous said...


What a horrible thought.

Anonymous said...

An excellent judgement TB. Bercow is contemptible. In my experience, no politicians name elicits such a viscerally disgusted response from people on all points of the compass.

He is a creature who has shat on every casue and friend he ever had. How could we explain to our children that such rodentine moral midden had risen to such high office?

Womble On Tour

Interesting. I knew John Bercow when he was a big cheese in the infamous Federation of Conservative Students in the mid '80s. I guess he all move a little from the rose-tinted idealistic positions we have when we're young, but this bloke has moved a million miles. Used to be as libertarian as they come....not any more.

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