Wednesday, 20 May 2009

More Labour Lies.

Well that's the last time that TB puts up a story and then goes out for the afternoon. How charming to return home to being called a liar by none other than Kezia Dugdale, personal assistant to the upstanding and honourable Lord George Foulkes.

TB put a story up earlier that he spotted on the "
" Twitter feed this morning. With a simple
"Welcome! The Chief Whip @nickbrownmp
" Tweet4Labour drew TB's attention to the fact that Nick Brown was supposedly on Twitter. He then took a screen grab of Brown's feed and the rest they say his history. 
So Nick Brown's office have denied it's him which is hardly a surprise yet there seems to be a bit of a discrepancy in Miss Dugdale's logic. She
instantly accuses
TB of foul play: "It's clearly a black op by Tory Bear - perhaps even endorsed by Conservative HQ - and it has largely worked."
Kez, TB knows that working for Foulkes can hardly teach positive moral values and a respect for the law, but that is libel plain and simple and it needs to be retracted. You have made a shoddy assumption and you  have absolutely sod all to back up your claims. 


Mark M said...

U go girl !!


Anonymous said...

More than a woman

More than a woman to me

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[Moooore than a woman]

More than a woman to me

du du... du du...

There are stories old and true
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Tory Dan said...

Is Kezia Dugdale the chubby dykeish looking one?


Well, its hardly surprising they would say that but it does beg some interesting questions, like why would somebody go to the bother of impersonating Nick Brown and get themselves signed up on Tweets4Labour. I presume they must know who it allegedly is then.....

It amuses me muchly how Labour level this when their attitude to the blogsphere in general is so controlling and centralised; i presume they think the rest of the world is like them....

Somethings dont add up in this story but it's an indication of the complete and utter chaos that obviously reigns at the heart of this government....

Mr. Mxyzptlk

The Tory bear doth protest too much..etc etc


Catch that bus from Schillings and don't allow them to bully you.

Jess The Dog

Looks like you were sold a pup, but Kezia has jumped in the puddle with both feet. Just to mix metaphors, you see.


I didn't know Damian McBride had joined the even darker side...


The thing is, fake or not, it's that it seems so plausible...anyway

I've posted this comment on Kezia's blog:

Dear Kezia,

Just some initial thoughts on your post.

Obviously, I'm horrified that the time of press officers might have been wasted on this, let alone that journalists were forced to make their own phone calls, but the questions you raise have simple answers that don't necessarily lead to your conclusion of a CCHQ stitch-up.

Q If Nick Brown just joined Twitter today, how did Tory Bear become one of his first frieds?A: He didn't - the screen shot shows the Follow button, meaning this was the result of a search for a person whom one is not following, as Jeff points out below.

Q Why was one of his first tweets to another fake Labour MP twitter account which has only existed for three weeksA: What makes you think this was one of his first tweets? The last tweet shows up enlarged on a Search Result, but no-other tweets (or lack thereof) are visible. This could have been the latest of hundreds, could it not? Also, Austin Mitchell is a real MP with a real Twitter account. I follow him.

Q:How could he Tweet 'from the web' when he was in the Commons chamber?A: TB's post is at 10:55 and the screenshot says 39 minutes ago. Nick Brown in the chamber at 10:15? Also, if using a web browser on your phone (rather than texting) I believe it still says 'from the web'.

The odd thing is Kezia, I think you're probably right, and this was a wind-up, which as someone with a bit of money on the next election is irksome. However, your questions are the wrong questions, and your phraseology let alone your conclusion is a little dangerous.

Even if this was a fake, there is no evidence that it was TB or CCHQ, and I think they might resent the accusation.

Anyway, that's my tuppence-worth!

Best Regards


Aye We Can !

Keep up the good work, If you are upsetting Nick Brown, Baron Foulkes and his lackey Keiza you must be about right

Anonymous said...

been libeled, you? thats a bit rich...


If she doesn't retract, sue her...are they all that stupid?

Anonymous said...

Cor she's a right munter.

Anonymous said...

For perhaps the first time in history a duck has made the front page of The Telegraph, courtesy of the mallard-related shenanigans of one Sir Peter Viggers and his expenses quack-ery.
Spotify once again, provides an apposite musical backdrop


Kez is a buffoon. How do you think she got her job?


Lies are their stock in trade; I bet they're beginning to believe them.

And they're obviously rattled! :)

Miller 2.0

"that is libel plain and simple and it needs to be retracted."

So you're happy to assert that calling someone a liar without evidence to back it up is libelous.

Interesting opinion, that.

Since you mention it, will you be taking your little picture of me down at any time in the near future?


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