Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The COPs close in on Malik

web is closing
in around Shahid Malik and his dodgy expenses. Sky are now running with the story so fingers crossed the pressure can be sustained.

Some people just don't know how to resign with dignity.


Anonymous said...


you look better in this pic...

Anonymous said...

If Shahid Malik had any honour, he would have turned down Brown's newest Cabinet offer. Instead he sucked it up because he has a love for power ("Imagine soon a Muslim PM!!" Wink wink) and no scruples whatsoever ("It's not £800, it's £730!"). Twat.

Steve Expat said...

Well done on the scoop there TB - has a minister ever resigned twice in a shorter time?

stephenmlark@talktalk.net said...


Surely not. Mandelson and Blunkett left two YEARS between their resignations, not two weeks. He is one of the few who appears to have committed an objective criminal offence (mortgage? what mortgage).

Anonymous said...

"No referring to the identity of TB."

Can we do this now, as you've revealed yourself (so to speak)?

Anonymous said...

Are there two Tory Bears? I ask because one asks not to speak of his name, and the other provides links to stories which do just that and attaches images with said name. It's utterly baffling.

From Consistently Anonymous, in Croydon.

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