Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Guest Post - Do Labour Hate Meat?

TB deeply distrusts vegetarians and so does

Working Class Tory
it seems:

I know it sounds odd, but it's true. Whilst we Conservatives are working hard to attract the vote of the rural communities - to considerable success, judging by the local elections earlier this month - Labour are alienating farmers, and the ailing livestock industry... but not the livestock itself.

The Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is Hilary Benn - is a hardline vegetarian, who seems to be able to convert those around him to his anti-meat cause. In the reshuffle earlier this month, the new Minister for Food and Farming was Jim Fitzpatrick - another vegetarian. Understandably, the farmers of this country, already put under ridiculous financial strains by the recession, are fearful their concerns will fall on deaf ears.

It seems odd that the department tasked with the preservation and furthering of the meat industry is now half full, numerically, and dominated by veggies, especially given the Labour, and working class tradition of meat consumption. Whether it be those miners of years gone by eating their succulent Cornish pasties, those Northern mill-workers and their fantastic 'tater 'ash, or the Londoners gathering round for the finest foods Smithfield could offer, the working classes love meat.

So, as Labour may go down the tradition of knuckling down on the farm industry, enforced by the veggie-extremists, I shall keep my dinners full of the best the animal world can offer us, in solidarity with our farmers.

Tempted by a sandwich now. TB is having a busy day so if anyone out there has anything funny they want to get off their chest then do get in touch.


Jon Harvey

Reasons to be veggie

- Vegetarians use the health service less - as meat is not good for you in large quantities (cancer, BSE etc etc)
- If more people ate less meat - there would be more grain to feed the world
- meat is very expensive
- someone told me that if you eat an animal you take on board that animals karma - I figure I have enough karma of my own to work out
- meat production and animal farting adds to global warming - being veggie reduces your carbon foot print
- animals are lovely - why kill & eat them?
- meat is at the top of the food chain - which means all the chemicals end up there too
- your ovens stay cleaner - less hassle

I have been vegetarian for 30+ years - it's great! But I am not evangelical (no really!) - but I do think the world could eat a little less meat...


Well this rural Labour PPC loves meat. Killing it; cooking it; eating it. Maybe I should be the new Agriculture Minister!


Wonder if

rural Labour PPC likes meat?

Anonymous said...

I feel like having a juicy burger now. Thanks TB.

Roger Ram said...

Speaking as a sheep, I am very comfortable with Defra's being staffed with vegetarians.

My fellow sheep and I always vote Labour. We think (if that is not too strong a word) they are our party. The herd animals' party! Indeed, nothing is plainer than that Labour survives on the votes of sheep just like me.

I have many friends in the donkey community, and they too are Labour through and through.

Further, a straw poll reveals solid Labour support among bovines of all ages and both sexes. And as recent stories in the newspapers have shown, you can be a right greedy pig AND Labour too.

So remember: if you want to eat leaves, drink ditchwater, live like an animal and die young, vote Labour.

Two legs bad, four legs Labour!

Al said...

I'm in quite of a dilemma here. I have been a vegetarian for the past 6 years (will i eat sea food when ever i get the chance to, but not really a veg) but ever since i move to Mexico to live, i feel like my body is craving meat more then ever..and my hair has been thinning out ever since. Since i stoppend eating read meat, chicken and all the ones that makes loud noise..i don't eat. lol! I don't want eat meat ever again because the thought of how they kiil these poor animals makes me sick to my stomach.

Any idea about the hair problem

Male 28

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