Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hannan weighs in...

Keep Right Online
(keeping TB on his toes once again!) have managed to bag an exclusive interview with Daniel Hannan:

"I hope Nick Griffin’s acceptance speech will finally have driven into the skulls of some BBC reporters that the BNP is not “far Right”. The man barely mentioned immigration; instead, he spent all his time excoriating the privatisation of state industries. His is a far Left party: it believes in nationalisation, higher taxes, state subsidies for factories, massive expenditure on the NHS and state pensions and (although it tends to keep quiet about this one) the abolition of the monarchy.

Not that BBC producers care about any of this, of course. For them, “Right-wing” is a handy synonym for “baddie”. Anyone who is sufficiently odious – from the revolutionary ayatollahs in Tehran to the Stalinist nostalgics in Russia – is “Right-wing” in the idiom of our state broadcaster. Is Griffin a total arse? Yup. Therefore, to your earnest BBC producer, he must be Right-wing."



Holyrood Patter

i am not right wing, nor is the bnp i will concur, but everything dan han says makes sense, so why is he such a stout defender of the monarchy?


Cheers for the hat tip TB.

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