Friday, 12 June 2009

In the summertime...

Transition from student bum to full time media whore was quite a shock to the system, been quite a morning- capped off with a slot on BBC News 24. TB is now splicing up a video of this morning's fun and games outside Lord Rennards "holiday home" in Stockwell:
Watch this space.


Bob from Brum said...

Well, none of them look as if they have missed a meal lately. Good job they are not MPs, the road would have been blocked!

Jonathan Cook

Seeing as I've paid for Lord Rennard's house, I decided to have a quick look at his pad using Google's new intrusive "street view"

...nice neighbourhood..... I wouldn't mind a holiday home there myself......,+London+SW9,+United+Kingdom&sll=51.470495,-0.116651&sspn=0.014703,0.027637&g=Stockwell+Park+Rd,+London+SW9,+United+Kingdom&ie=UTF8&ll=51.473685,-0.118167&spn=0.007351,0.013819&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.473617,-0.118051&panoid=exdkPj_YCI8mvTxBT8I_pg&cbp=12,38.28,,0,-0.35


That bush needs pruning.

Devil's Kitchen

Nice. But tell me, TB: why did you choose such a hideous design for your logo?


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