Thursday, 11 June 2009

+++Michael Howard pulls out of OUCA dinner+++

Michael Howard was meant to be speaking at the Oxford University Conservative Association dinner tonight.

Rather unsurprisingly he has pulled out a direct consequence of today's
Mail allegations
, and rightly so.
When will the day come that people will learn that, if you are an office bearer, however minor, even at a youth level, you are a representative of the Conservative Party.
FFS get a grip.

UPDATE 13.18: Statement from CF chairman Michael Rock "They're not CF."
And they aren't. Thankfully OUCA have always refused to be affiliated with the national organisation.


Jeroboam said...

OUCA has long had problems, but recently it's turned into a place for Americans who wish they were English, and Englishmen who wish they'd gone to public schools, to congregate and behave like idiots. The quality of member has suffered a sharp decline, and Howard has done well in cancelling his attendance. Maybe they'll finally learn.


I was under the impression one of the first things Cameron did was let them back in... Maybe they got re-expelled. Wouldn't shock me.

Danny Buck said...

I feel quite the opposite. The American has been smeared by rivals from within who are old school toffs, who see OUCA as a social club thats a bit on the blue side. Last election an old school fellow, who never spoke or campaigned won because his mother was party treasurer and he spat out foul gossip about his rival. OUCA has developed a corrupt core and I must agree that I am glad it is not CF affiliated but the person smacked on the front of the Mail is not the person to blame for this racist Masonic, introvert looking group.I have in 2 years ecome dangerously cynical about the society.

Anonymous said...

Have any of the allegatiosn either been substantiated, or confirmed by OUCA itself?

If so, fine, but if not, this seems like nothing more than pandering to a BNP-neurotic press.

Jeroboam said...

I'll agree with Danny that Freemasonry is a major problem in OUCA - as well as in the Union proper.

Anonymous said...

"A source at the university said: "It seems shocking that a Tory party which strives to re-invent itself as moderate and progressive has amongst its future leaders has some of the most, nasty leaders you can imagine."

A source? Labour Students, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

They're not CF... They're still young Conservatives. This is just a long line of young Conservatives being prats and ending up in the press, Matt Lewis from Keele and Fergus Bowman from Preston also being on this list. It's a shame really that there are some who give others a bad name.

Anonymous said...

"Thankfully OUCA have always refused to be affiliated with the national organisation."

Quite right. In my time OUCA vociferously refused to get involved with such a dreary pompous organisation and I rejoice that's still the case.

Anonymous said...

But National CF is absolute kittens. Why on earth would they want to be affiliated?


Lol. Just lol.

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