Thursday, 25 June 2009

Shooting fish...

TB is wondering this morning who thought it would be a good idea to let the

Don't Panic
guys - renowned for their piss taking youtube hits, to a Conservative Future event where clearly most people were fairly hammered. Of course they have spliced the footage to no end, but come on, it wasn't like it was made hard for them to do.

Rule one: Never talk to the press when drunk.
Rule two: Never name check your skinny jeans.
Rule three: Google the name of the people who want to interview you.

Warning - This starts off ok with the Tooting stuff, but lordy, do not watch without a cushion for some of the later parts. Seriously... Who said yes to letting this take place:

What did you think was going to happen!?



Doesn't seem particularly bad?

Then again I'm used to the Liberal Youth cringe factor

Scary Mary

Not sure which is worse? That blonde girl doing a Jeanette Bentley impression, Hilley screeching or the ugly boy thinking fashion is just wearing odd shoes and being scruffy?

Anonymous said...

Good to see all the media training YBF have been providing finally paying off...

Also well done to your CF blogger who got to write for the Blue Blog (see post below) managing to come across as a complete tool. The sun is cooling?! Really?!

clare said...

Completely disagree with you Harry.

I think the video was one of the best ones that we've had in recent times. Look at 'make me a tory' on channel 4 for an example.

Every young person who has passionate opinions, drinks and goes out can relate to this.

Oh and by the way they were not invited to our London CF party- they just turned up and we asked them to leave politely. When it was clear that they were not going to, Michael Rock who is the National Chariman of CF said that they can stay for a little while.

Obviously they editied stuff- especially of Serene and me at the end but I've seen and been in worse.


I wouldn't be so bothered if the "Don't Panic" videos didn't come off as so obscenely amateurish. They also need a narrator who doesn't sound like a boring dick.

This snippet from the main page of their website demonstrates how ignorant they are: "But, following Cameron's lead, they have rebranded themselves and are now called Conservative Future."

Alexandra said...

"1980's Gucci skinnyjeans"
May I apologise for both myself and for Jay...
It really was badly edited and they took out anything decent we had to say but they should not have been allowed to stay.

Anonymous said...

After attending two of our events and spending 90% of their time drinking free beer in the corner you'd think they'd show a little more respect.

Odd how there is no footage of them rolling spliffs in the beer garden at the old bank of england or the shots of them snorting snow off the toilet seats at the Selkirk.


I don't think CF came over as that bad at all. Certainly no worse than I've seen from other youth political movements. The people who were saying the more outlandish things were obviously wasted, so what's the fuss?

As for the outfits - the skinny jeans are all well and good, but I'm not convinced by those shoes...

Anonymous said...

Slow. Motion. Car. Crash.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when YBF do the media training!

Sophie Fernandes said...

1) What is wrong with name checking 1980s Gucci skinny jeans? Surely that is showing a more young, trendy and in touch side of CF as opposed to the washed up 80s "I work for a member of the Shadow Cabinet" Tory Boy from earlier in the film?

2) Don't criticise the fact that they were allowed to stay. We were meeting in a public place where they had every right to be and I didn't see those being interviewed turning down that chance... If you said something stupid, suck it up and learn from it.

3) Just for the record - to the film makers credit when they were asked to stop filming at the after party, they did.

Posh Tory

He was right - family is also very important.

Anonymous said...

I am quite frankly very disappointed with the Don't Panic guys. We were decent enough not to throw them out, demonstrating that we've got nothing to hide.

We were all polite, and happy to engage them in conversation - hell I thought they were quite nice, fun people.

It seems very sad that they attended the event with a clear intention of smearing CF, instead of focusing on how hard we all work for the Party.
All CFers are volunteers and work very hard, they do not deserve this sort of exposure.

Throughout the evening many sensible interviews were given, but I see that did not fit into their agenda. I am very sad, but lesson well learnt I suppose.

I'd also like to apologise for any embarassment I caused to members of CF, my intention was never to cause any harm to anybody.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

RE anon 09.35

Anonymous said...

Most of those indivisuals featured came across as total tools. I think what is notable though is that the real up and comers didn't get themselves caught: Richard Jackson, Owen Meredith etc. The people who made idiots of themselves are the dross that the professionals have to associate with just to get the litereature posted.

I'm not too disheartened. It does however verify my comment about Serene that ToryBear didn't have the guts to allow through the other day.


So after all that filming, they managed to reveal that some Conservatives have conservative views on the family and marriage, and when presented with scientific claims they ask for the proof?

They may have been looking for a way to smear the party but they didn't find one.

Christian May

"Good to see all the media training YBF have been providing finally paying off..."

Having given media training to hundreds of conservative students, I'd say that this is what happens when it gets ignored.

Jumped up people claiming to speak for the Party. Car crash TV, indeed.



If that doesn't put "drunk CF activists being caught being drunk and conservative" shocker in perspective, I don't know what will.


(Nobody panic.)

Anonymous said...

Due to a lack of sunspot activity, one could say that the sun is in fact cooling. NASA expects the sunspots to recover at some point. Nevertheless, as it stands, yes. The sun is cooling albeit at a very, very slow rate.

Anonymous said...

oh scary mary ;D


Oh for goodness sake. TTT would hope that an ounce of common sense could have been fired into action by some of those involved. Booze+TV Crews=always an absolute no-go area. Silly people. TTT is happy to note, however, that the people who look like fools are people who aren't actually important in the slightest. As for this video being "one of the best one's we've had in recent times" someone is sadly deluded, and should perhaps call the excellent YBF man, Mr. May, for a little preski training. Perhaps a little CCHQ "how to tread the party line in an election year" training might not go amiss either.

Anonymous said...

The cf blogger on the blue blog spoke so much sense. High time someone mentioned the enviornment in other terms than the Marxist quasi-religious armageddon tone. For all those who don't think the cooling sun. Type it into the BBC news website and see what happens.

Well done to cf; who were polite enough to grant the don't panic guys a platform.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.54 - IP addresses don't lie. Next time have the guts to say things to people's faces. Don't be shy... Douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - 19.54 - what did I say that was wrong?Merely stating the facts.

If you know who I am from my IP address then go ahead and tell the world.

Mwah x

Anonymous said...

Where's the video gone?

Stop censorship!!!

Anonymous said...


That really is a revolting parting message.


Isabelle Mohiri

Matt Wardman

London CF making a copyright claim to get a satirical political vid pulled?

Not clever.

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