Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Bring Jacqui to Justice


Sunlight Centre
desperately needs your help to raise the funds for their court action against Jacqui Smith. As revealed in this morning's
Daily Mail
they are privately prosecuting her for fraud.

Former Home Office mole Chris Galley is
leading the charge
. Having spent months working just metres from Jacqui Smith and having access to her diaries, he isn't convinced by her protestations that she spent more time in her sisters spare room than in her family home in Redditch.

Please donate to the Sunlight COPs

(Before the lefty tin foil hatters get stuck in, TB will declare at this point, as has been said many times, that he works for the
Sunlight Centre
, which is a non-partisan, not for profit organisation.)


Bill said...

Well done for picking this up, I donated £20. Hopefully all bloggers will put sosmething real behind their words of contempt.

Guido gave £5k apparently. Are you donating to this cause TB or does working for them count as a donation


While the KRO Team don't currently have the money to donate anything substantial. I will gladly (and shortly) place an image to the right of our main posts (where The Plan currently sits) - if this is ok with the Sunlight Posse?

Posh Tory

Sick of Jacqui, sick of the causes of Jacqui

Cornish Conservative

Donation Sent !

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