Thursday, 16 July 2009


Seems chippy little Tom Miller is now stopping people reading his insane ravings on his "
Newer Labour
" blog. Presumably his border-line communist outlook and unwavering support for Chavez doesn't quite fit the
Game Changer
image where he is now a "consultant".
Quite what he consults on is a mystery, but it seems TB is going to have to find some new lefty bloggers to wind up. The irratating and batshit crazy
Laurie Penny
and tory-boy-thumper
Grace Fletcher-Hackwood
immediatly come to mind.

Let the games begin...


jbsven said...

Go to uni with Hackwood. You might be intrigued to know she was forced out of her position of welfare officer via a vote of no confidence for literally bashing a tory boy!


Disco Biscuit said...

Chippy little Tom Miller's communist rantings also don't sit particularly well with the Lotus Elan I saw him getting out of at Vauxhall Sainsbury's a couple of weeks back...

Still, it was a red Lotus... nothing's too good for the workers, as Kevin Maguire once said from the back of his chauffeur-driven limousine.

Anonymous said...

Here's a worthy candidate

Conservative and proud said...

Is this not typical of the behaviour one has come to expect from the far left faction within Labour?

Whenever communist and extreme socialist views are challenged, their exponents react by curtailing freedom of speech or, in this case, making the blog 'log in only'.

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