Friday, 14 August 2009


Blogs editor Damian Thompson has a must read piece

over at the Telegraph

"So Daniel Hannan attacks socialised medicine on American television, and immediately Dave slaps him down. Is it because of his criticism of the National Health Service, or because of the way he criticised it - that is, with an eloquence and forensic command of detail that makes most members of the shadow cabinet sound like jargon-spouting middle managers?

If Dan was an MP, the Conservatives would be forced to engage in the very thing that frightens them most: ideological debate."

The truth hurts.


Events dear boy, events

The last thing that the Tory party needs this side of the election is an ideological debate this side of the election. What they need is to stay united and on message otherwise Brown will be in with a chance


Just so you know, we on the left (i.e. to the left of Labour) love this stuff. Quite the best way to remind everyone of the awful 1980s if they're considering voting Tory. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with the NHS EVERYONE in the UK is lucky to have it. Send Hannan a first aid kit from Boots.

Sara Scarlett

Thompson's wrong, I'm afraid. As much as I agree with Dan Hannan, Dave has slapped him down because being anti the Leviathan that is the NHS is an electoral liability.

The #welovetheNHS cult has been a gift for the Labour party. Daniel Hannan is essentially too good to be elected to Westminster. Gore hits the nail on the head:

Anonymous said...

Backing Hannan. Backing The Plan.

Feel free to use.

Hurf Durf said...

This entire bout of shameless political opportunism has brought my hatred of the Labour Party to new arse-clenching levels of bile. On the other hand I can now easily identify all the Labourgs with their NHS pictures on Twitter, for when the time comes for them to be rounded up and tickled into repentance.


Mr. Hannan thinks clearly, and is a wordsmith of a caliber rarely seen in the past twenty years or so.

Why doesn't this man run for Westminster?

I wish we could lease him for about eight years over here.


Bring it on! It'd be gr8 2 c Hannan try, fail miserably and up falling flat on his face!

Quite unbelievable comments, delivered in a truly heartless, unthinking manner.

If DC has any sense, he'll get rid of him, fast; but in the meantime, hahahahahahahaha! Best week for Labour for aaaaaaaaaaaages!!!!!!

Allan said...

Can we persuade Dan to plot a mutiny and become leader of the party????

Tory Outcast

An ideological debate? but we are winning old boy.

@Old South Cameron banned him and many others from running for Westminster as he is a supporter of the Better of Out campaign to leave the EU.

Anonymous said...

As compared to the appalling 1960s and atrocious 1970s, James.

"There is nothing wrong with the NHS"

Tee hee hee, labour lickspittles.

Hurf Durf said...

Bedwetting socialists like Vanessa Morriss with an overly-simplistic view of the world ("talk to countwies! Don't interpheer! Nasty Towees!") are really making me lol.


Children, children, please put

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