Thursday, 13 August 2009

Quote of the Day

In response to Stephen Fry's dribble that: “Even the most right wing British politician wouldn’t think of dismantling our health service.”

Liberal Conspiracy commenter
"cjcjc" said:

I wonder when Stephen Fry last saw the inside of an NHS facility?

Is it *just possible* that the rest of the world has not copied the NHS because it is not the best system in the world?




Snap snap snap snap snap.


Your worse than a toddler throwing tantrums. Stephen Fry is a fellow asthma sufferer. IF he had an asthma attack, please god he doesn't, he'll end up in casualty like the rest of us.
Suggest you get back in your play pen with Dan The bloody Ham.
(No, not a typo)

Kit Friend

Thou shalt not question Stephen Fry?

John M Ward

Ah, well: I see the same is happening here as at other places covering any current topic regarding the NHS. There's always at least one similar to the second comment here. As for "Your worse than"…

I think that the said Stephen Fry might invoke a round of General Ignorance -)

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you used the NHS?

Hurf Durf said...

Yes, those nasty Tories would dismantle the entire health service! Every nurse would be chopped up, every hospital demolished! Dismantle, dismantle, dismantle!

Wait, what?

Anonymous said...


I think he means that Fry will have private health care. Duh.

Not a sheep

The NHS is not the envy of the world but it is a totem of faith to the UK left that it is. The NHS is often dirty, often staffed by uncaring nurses and has an overwhelming sense that the hospital would run so much better if it wasn't for the pesky patients. On my, fortunately rare, visits to NHS hospitals I try to touch as little as possible, breathe shallowly and get out as quickly as I can. My only overnight stay was so horrendous that I

about it. Others that I have visited seem to have fared little better.
No I am not unpatriotic, no I am not anti the NHS; what I am is realistic. This Labour government has wasted £ billions on the NHS and has little in the way of improvements to show for it.

If the NHS was so fantastic then not only would much of the rest of the world have copied it but there would be little demand for expensive private medical insurance. That there is great demand speaks volumes.


Wow congratulations TB you've hit a new low. Are you stark craving bonkers - you've spent the last god knows how many weeks in a country with 6 million who have no medical coverage whatsoever, and yet you conclude that our system is nothing to be proud of.

Be careful, a lot of people work for the NHS and despite the fact we might moan, I cannot think of a person who is not dam right proud to be part of it.

I can think of so many people who rely on our, yes, WORLD LEADING healthcare services - Great Ormand Street is a world leading centre for peadiatrics, and our stem cell research is second to none. Not too bad for an evil government project hey?

Anonymous said...

Now, now Dippy dearest, better re-wrap yourself in cotton wool so as not to graze your knees. You really are from a different world aren't you love?

Tory Outcast

@ Dippyness I think you will find if you study the system that Dan Hannan is proposing there is still provision for Government funded emergency care nationwide

While I am not convinced of it's practicalities in this country the Singapore system truly is the envy of the world.

Sorry to gang up

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right, Neil. I love that liver I got from Alder Hey.

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