Tuesday, 25 August 2009

More Guardian nonsense...

Dear Peter Jones,

You are a moron of the highest order
. Come the counter revolution you have my written word that you will be the absolute first against the wall.

Lots of love

Tory Bear



I feel freaked out. The Meerkat advert came on the television as I read the headline on the posted article.


Anonymous said...

The Guardian just can't resist bashing the meerkat!

Scary Mary

WTF! How is he allowed to write such rubbish without declaring that he is a major shareholder and advertising frontman for comparethemarket's biggest rivals moneysupermarket.com?
What next? Ronald McDonald in the guardian complaining that Colonel Sanders was not. Commissioned military officer? Cunts.

James Graham (Quaequam Blog!)

"Peter Jones works in the financial sector and live in West London" - it is worth point out that this is what passes for intellectualism in the financial meerkats these days. I mean markets.

Miller 2.0

Perhaps Jones thinks that all Meerkats should have an 'indigenous English accent'. If anyone is a meerkat racist, it is he.

Some people have no sense of humour. or irony, it would seem.

Anyway, far more likely he couldn't think of anything interesting to write about.

James, that is a truly sterling pun.

Anonymous said...

Surely this is just PR since the 'comparethemarket' ads already run in the guardian, and they want to generate more publicity ?

Lady Astor's son-in-law said...

A Labour Arse (really!)


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