Monday, 17 August 2009

She's no Derek Draper...

...but this could still be amusing.

In what is looking more and more likely to be her last few months in Parliament, Kerry McCarthy the MP for Bristol East has been given the poisoned chalice of
coordinating the Labour Party's online
and new media efforts. Doesn't this all sound a little too familiar? Haven't Labour learnt that these sort of things backfire when too much central control is put on them.

The most hysterical line that McCarthy has come out with so far was her
first shot
at the right-wing blogosphere:

"I think this is a real contrast with what the Tories are doing in the area of new media – they seem to be doing everything centrally..."

Is she mental? Here we have a senior Party member - a whip FFS, appointed by the General Election coordinator, announcing her role on a website set up at the behest of Labour HQ, paid for by the Party's biggest donor Unite, and she has the blatant audacity to suggest that the Tories are doing things from the centre?

It took years for bloggers to even get a press release out of CCHQ and yet Labour bloggers are invited for breakfast at Victoria Street and McCarthy bleats on about how she is going to bring the young bloggers on board - make sure they walk the bloody line more like.

Draper was an idiot for very different reasons, but McCarthy's Conservative opponent in Bristol
Adeela Shafi
must surely be laughing at this news today.

It's not like Labour have the best track record when it comes to these things now is it.



I've come across this KerryMP a few times on Twitter. She's unBEARable, TB!


If this had come out of a Tory MP the Labour machine would have made sure it hit the front pages:

Hurf Durf said...

My dear bear, you know full well that Labour does irony pretty well.

Hurf Durf said...

Slightly OT: Milibland says terrorism is sometimes justified.

Appalling behaviour from a Minister of the Crown and a man with Labour leadership ambitions. Perhaps we can astroturf a twitter meme out of it? #wehateterrorism perhaps?

Anonymous said...

McCarthy's blog has always been very chippy. She's far happier attacking Conservatives with her own form of snobbery rather than doing anything useful.

btw. I'd have thought Adeela is worth a photo!


The least original comment you're likely to get but, applied to sad ol' New Labour, no less relevant, ,'They still don't get it, do they?'.

Old Holborn

The odious woman is so desperate to climb the greasy pole, she will take any job they offer her.

She'll be cleaning toilets next year.

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