Friday, 28 August 2009

"They want to save the world...

...but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad."

TB is getting increasingly pissed off with the news that the gypo encampment on Blackheath common is growing. Sources down wind in Greenwich have reported that the stench of cheap weed and compost loos is already becoming quite unbearable. TB has a solution for dealing with this infestation of hippies, taught to him by a wise sage and great political influence, Dr E. Cartman.

Dr. Cartman designed the perfect hippy disposal device that TB recommends be employed to deal with the infestation of soap-dodgers as soon as possible:

Here is the "Hippie Core Drill Machine" in action:
Failing that some tear gas should do the trick.


Half The Story

Surely you would be happy with the free market for goods forcing the price down?

And that the liberty to do something that does not affect others is self liberty not state control?


Could you be less pleasant, please? This misanthropy and disregard for the environment doesn't go far enough.


Do you think we could use it against this lot, too?

Give them a good hosing down said...

At last, somebody else is having a go at the gypolatti! Now I *know* it's not just me...


So what? Let em protest peacefully, then invoice the organisers for cleaning up the mess. Liberties preserved, hippies' obscure point made (well, in their own minds), job jobbed.

(please publish this one, I only got the URL of my own blog wrong...)

Krebs said...


I assume the idea of a save the world/screw the humans eco-whacko calling others "misanthropic" is lost on you?

A few bedraggled tofu-munchers turned up at Canary Wharf yesterday afternoon, only to be caught in a cloudburst and shepherded away by the arthritic security guards.

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