Friday, 28 August 2009

"You actually like me..."

TB is extremely chuffed to have been voted number eight in the Total Politics right of centre blog listings. When he came thirty fifth last year a friend said to him, that he would have be top ten next year, to which TB replied "Yeah right...". Thank you so much to everyone who voted and congratulations to everyone else. The full list can be seen by clicking through to
Total Politics
but here is the top ten:

1 1
Guido Fawkes

2 2
Iain Dale

3 6
Spectator Coffee House

4 3
Conservative Home

5 4
Dizzy Thinks

6 5
Devil's Kitchen

7 14
Daniel Hannan MEP

8 35 Tory Bear
9 12
Archbishop Cranmer

10 8
John Redwood MP

Thank you again.


Donal Blaney

Can't argue with that list. Many congratulations, TB.


Congratulations TB, mind you i had you down as a socialist :)

Anonymous said...

You belong in the top 10 (5?)


thanks guys.


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