Saturday, 15 August 2009

We Are Watching You

After Alan Duncan's ridiculous indiscretion and the work of

Labour supporters on Twitter in the last few days, the reality of quite how the internet will dominate the next election is finally dawning on the old school media. Every citizen is armed, they just don't know it. With camera phones, twitter, blogs and online video we are all the journos, the judge and the jury now.
Howard Flight
in reality was the first victim of this idea back in 2005, but given that lazy hacks are spending their August regurgitating blogs, TB thought he would do some recycling himself. Alan Duncan was rightfully caught out, but this is just the beginning. How the upcoming election will be reported will change journalism in the UK forever. Remember this one:

We are all journos now and TB has been saying it since his blog began.



What you've said is very true. Good video, hadn't seen it before.
The way Alan Duncan was caught was a bit unfair.
He does make flippent remarks though, but an good speaker in the house.

Bob from Brum said...


Don't get sunburned would hate to see a burnt bear!

Duncan's remark seemed to me to be entirely ironic and as Wiki says:

"There is argument about what qualifies as ironic, but all senses of irony revolve around the perceived notion of an incongruity between what is expressed and what is intended, or between an understanding or expectation of a reality and what actually happens: the literal truth is in direct discordance to the perceived truth."

The sense of humour failure started with the red PC brigade and has now spread to right thinking people. It only makes good headlines when there is no real news about.




TB, this isn't a Labour initiative, this was started by Graham Linehan, an Irish-born comedy writer who is fed up with all three parties over here and felt that the British public's view of the NHS was being misrepresented by people who should know better over there. (eg the embarrassing Stephen Hawking thing) It's disappointing that most of the right-of-centre blogs haven't acknowledged this because in my mind it creates yet another falsehood in a struggle that has too many falsehoods already.

However for UK political purposes it has been hijacked by Labour, indeed it features on their front page. Linehan is also unhappy about this and has started a #makelabourapologiseforiraq trend in revenge. (Not the most pointed kind of attack he could make, admittedly.)

Still I don't think it's fair to describe them as 10,000 Labour supporters. More like unwitting stooges I suppose.

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