Friday, 4 September 2009

“A bunch of useless, xenophobic tossers...”

Is how a source within Liberal Youth Scotland described the federal Liberal Youth under the chairman Elaine Bagshaw.

“I feel like a fool for voting for Elaine - I was lured in by her promises of support and funding, but who wouldn't?”

Liberal Youth Scotland
only began in November last year. The tensions however started at the Scottish Lib Dem conference in March. Elaine Bagshaw ventured north with promises a plenty. She pledged Liberal Youth Scotland money to help run their Freshers Campaigns - providing they re-elected her that is. “We were promised around £500."

Despite spending over three grand on a new website that is still to materialise, as well as pissing money up the wall elsewhere, it seems Liberal Youth has refused to cough this £500 to the fledgling organisation. This is despite apparent assurances to the contrary:

“They consistently told us they had a massive surplus of around £10k, which needed to be spent. This was bollocks, and Elaine has been found out.”

It’s all really falling apart for Bagshaw, her support is crumbling away, but luckily it seems she definitely won’t be standing for a third term, and it’s not just Tory Bear who is happy about this – “I can only hope she goes away, and never comes back.” said the disgruntled Caledonian.

TB wonders how many others feel that way?



Ah another liberal bites the dust. Shame though, they're usually nice people.


Hello again Subrosa

- our definitions of 'nice' are obviously not the same. LibDems may present a 'nice' image, but their actions in practise are quite often not nice at all. I think people should be judged by their actions, not just their words.


Excellent article, Tory Bear :)

Thomas Byrne

It's commonly said the Lib Dems are the most dirty campaigners...

Anonymous said...

Elaine's regime falling apart? Not even 2 months into her second term and people are already openly challenging her -

Anonymous said...

But according to Facebook and various blogs, the exec are working ever so hard for us the whole time. Ever so hard.

Previously an exec doing so was just taken for granted (if you don't want to work hard, don't stand for election), but now it's something we're to be grateful to them for. Someone's taught them Focus leaflet campaigning tactics, and they're trying to use them internally.


The Liberal youth are only interested in smoking dope and driving VW camper vans in the Highlands with broken down guitars hanging out of the Windows, pure mental bunch and i wouldn't even chuck 10p at them.

Alexander J. Ryland

AMW - if only that were true. Liberal Youth are more like the kids in school that wanted to be popular and never managed it, then tried to be cool and smoke and listen to Nirvana, but failed there too.

To be quite honest, I'm not surprised about this comment and I expect there are many more members that feel this way. My confidence doesn't just fail in Bagshaw though, and I've no doubt there are others in the Exec a number of us would happily see replaced.

We shouldn't need to be grateful to them, they should do the job they're elected for without question - that's what they signed up for. As TB said before, the delay in hiring a new staffer gives them the abiity to take a million photos of packing Freshers' gear... I received mine today after waiting about 6 weeks.

The bunting saying "Liberal Youth" looks like it ought to be fashioned into a fetish item and the posters are all crumpled and bent. The campaigns lack any sort of wow factor. We need to stop following the "nice" party line and create an image for ourselves. Speak out, become Liberals again... none of this social democrat ex-Labour loony lefty nonsense!

Alas, those who want to change for the better, including myself and other vocal, constructive and well-intentioned members... Richard Wilson, Sara Scarlett, etc... are largely ignored as complainers because we choose to criticise ratherthan support the Exec as the word of God.

One of the many reasons I am on the verge of resignation.

Anonymous said...

Please "resign" Ryland (from what position exactly?), you are insufferably arrogant.

Anonymous said...

"and I've no doubt there are others in the Exec a number of us would happily see replaced."

what, all three of you....

Chris Lovell

What a surprise TB. Yet another anonymous dissenter in Liberal Youth. Out of organisation of a few thousand you manage to find one person who disagrees with the direction the organisation is taking and even they aren't honest enough to be named!

Once again, great journalism TB!


i wouldn't have run that story if i hadnt checked out the full facts and whether it was true or not.

anything you want to get of your chest?


Chris Lovell

Thanks for the offer TB but I think you would be quite far down my list if I wanted someone to bitch to about Liberal Youth unless I wanted the world to know.

Anyways I just got my freshers stuff today for Leeds and although it's not how I would have done it, it's a hell of a lot better than last years!

Ruth Efficiency

Nonsense. If you look at the Electoral Commission's copy of our 2008 financial reports, you will see that the 10K is alive and well. Elaine only promised to fund new *branches* or to match regional funding; as an old region Scotland (or Wales, or any English region like London or Northwest) does not qualify.

I am assuming I know the identity of this dissenter as he has made previous comments regarding this on the forums.

Which reminds me...

Thanks for your continuing interest in driving traffic towards and drawing attention to Liberal Youth. Would you like us to make you a badge?

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