Friday, 25 September 2009

Don't Call Ed Miliband a Chav

It is rare that TB gets a reply from the near daily abuse he can't help but send Ministers of this dying government via the uber-access tool Twitter. Hence the chuckle he afforded himself when he clearly

hit a nerve
with Miliband the Younger:

He's definitely not a chav alright? Got that? Good.

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Posh Tory

One of the few Labour ministers I have any time for.

The Boiling Frog

His reply to you TB would only have been 45 characters if written correctly, so what's his excuse for spelling 'characters' as 'chr'?


You are twittering/tweeting ("whatever") with an underling.
He's not doing it himself.
Is he??


Can someone translate please. I am an old style Tory, and don't understand this rubbish language.


Well said Tory Bear! I wouldn't mind if he was close to the 140 characters and so shortened it, but then again, if he can get to the position he's in, he should be able to condense his phrases to 140 characters. Either that or write two tweets!

Lucy Roblin said...

LOL love the come-back ToryBear- ironic, cutting AND topical! :)

Nick Drew

yes, Miliband (Ed) is fairly shrewd -

and practical
, too


I do wonder what Lord Salisbury might have said in the circumstances. Any road on, Ed is a "Have" (wonder where his offshore stuff is located), I am a "Have Not", you are "Having A Laugh."

Anonymous said...

You are confusing the word "chav" with the phrase "total cock".

Another posh solcialist from a life of luxury. How many first / business class seats does he and his entourage take up on these trips to reduce emmissions?

Anonymous said...

TB ya facking 'unt - lick my BALLs


Hit a nerve? Looks like he took it in good humour to be honest. Would you rather he didn't reply?

I suppose you could argue he shouldn't be implying that being a chav is a 'bad thing' to be, but it looks clear to me that he's explaining why he abbreviates so much in his tweets.

And as far as I'm aware he does indeed do his own tweets - it's only a text message after all!

Charles said...

Are we really paying for the time of a supposedly intelligent public servant to write this sub-teenage drivel?

God help us all. NuLabour ministers surely won't.

Phil O'Pastree said...

eeza 4qn eejt


Demetrius @ 12:13 said:

'I do wonder what Lord Salisbury might have said in the circumstances.'

OK here goes...

LordSalisbury: a prty whse mission it iz to liv entrly on da dscvry of grvncs r apt to mnfctr da element upn whch dey sbsist.

127 years ago from Edinburgh reply view tweet Show Conversation

Angry said...

I would not call someone from such a privileged background a chav -I can think of plenty of other four letter words. At best he is a cardboard cut out.

Man in a Shed

We can use Twitter to abuse the gap students younger brother ?

Guido's wrong - I love this technology.

Anonymous said...

Ed Milliband is about as much use as tits on a washing machine! He is a bigger nerd than his brother that takes some doing!! The best thing to have happned to the Tories since GB got the top job!

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