Sunday, 27 September 2009

UPDATE - Labour on Suicide Watch

Gordon has hit back at Darling's claims that Labour has lost the will to live. However it seems that the Party's

own website
doesn't agree with the leader. It shows hoards of young activists throwing themselves off the end of Brighton Pier in desperation:

Joking apart, though you wouldn't know it from the telly, TB is hearing the mood isn't quite as upbeat as the spin doctors would like us to believe.Hence why he will be heading down to Brighton tomorrow in search of a more accurate picture of

Armed with a camera.

UPDATE: 22.24: This
hilarious spot
came via the comments


Letch said...

Obviously the required ethnic in there, but the blonde looks fit and if the photo is turning into a wet-Tshirt contest then she might be worth a prize.

Silent Hunter


Was that picture taken just after Gordon's speech?

Anonymous said...

No, there wasnt that many in the hall listening!

Hermione said...

To misquote: "Throw yourself into the sea, Darling, you haven't got a chance!"

So you ARE going to party conference now, eh? Jolly good.


Hee hee well i think the picture might be a fair reflection of how the locals are reacting to the Labour circus rolling into town.

Anonymous said...

That's the second time I've seen that picture today...


Anonymous said...

ah is this the web site that has 10+ different flash apps?

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