Sunday, 27 September 2009

Update - "Fill My Little World Right Up.... some love."

The Feeling song they are playing is highly appropriate for the Brighton Centre this afternoon. Moments before their leader takes to the stage:

They can't even fill the hall up.

UPDATE 17.15: People are apparently just milling around talking amongst themselves or packing out Cruddas fringe events. Ed Balls, Tom Watson and Kerry McCarthy, as well as other Labour members of the Twitterati, can't be bothered to go to Gordon's speech. They are propping up the bar instead:

Tom Watson's new beard is err different.


Anonymous said...

wonder if mcnutter is there?
showed absolutely no sorrow or contrition on the politics show this morning

Anonymous said...

Things Can Only Get Better seems so apt. Watching Snooze 24 earlier they were saying it was too early to tell if attendance was down, but even they can't hide the all too apparently truth from their viewers, the camera doesn't lie.


They will put a brave face on at conference but they all know it must be the last conference they will have whilst being in power.

When the Labour vote in Scotland mirrors that in England (26-28%) then you ken they are in deep trouble. (Westminster polls)

They might get up to 30% just after the conference but i think it might be disgruntled Lib Dem voters nick picking over who to vote for.

The real test will come after Cameron's speech at his conference, then i expect to see the gap widening again.

People just want change.

Hurf Durf

"packing out Cruddas fringe events."

Interesting. I think Cruddas would be best placed for the post-election Labour leadership; it would remind everyone of just how batshit Old Labour is and secure the Tories a second term.

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