Sunday, 27 September 2009

THAT question

Of all the lazy Sundays to sleep until high noon and miss Marr and Boulton, today clearly wasn't the one. So Marr, of sycophantic 2007 cancelled election interview fame, actually plucked up the courage to give the sweating Prime Minister a platform to quell the speculation about his health and pill popping tendencies. Well Gordon technically denied it in words. He was referring to reguarly taking painkillers not anti-depressant though and looked extremely uncomfortable about the unexpected question.

It's not like he's never lied before is it.


Silent Hunter

Ah! But then Gordon waived it aside and answered a completely different question about his eyesight.

Thus side stepping the actual question about his mental health.

I personally think it's a fair question to ask of some one who is supposed to be running the country, but then again, we all know that Mandelson is the one working him from behind.

Oh! That doesn't sound right.

Anyway, you know what I mean.

Paul O said...

Pretty irrelevant really. Marr didnt ask the right question and fluffed the opportunity.


I do think it is pretty unfair to ask somebody about their personal health problems or history. Wholly irrelevant and a waste opportunity to ask the PM taxing questions, pardon the pun

Walsingham's Ghost

@ Yasin.Akgun

"I do think it is pretty unfair to ask somebody about their personal health problems or history."

Not at all - can you imagine 'toady' Marr going easy on Cameron or Osborne if they were the ones in the frame?

Anyway TB - not sure if you and I are watching the same clip, but I didn't hear GB refer to any pill-popping in his answer. Also, his body language was textbook "Oh F**k - not THAT question!"

Who put Marr up to asking that particular question during the NuLabia Party Conference, one wonders? (or maybe one doesn't...).


Man in a Shed

This looks staged to try and prevent further inquiry. As far as I can remember no one is accusing Brown of taking pain killers.

But we can now expect a whole load of fake outrage from the left, and a refusal to clarify the prime ministers medical capability to hold office.

They will also try to play for sympathy. Expect Sarah Brown to make an emotional defence of her husband referring to all this.

It's a New Labour spin plan to kill the issue and gain sympathy for Brown. I can't agree with the view that Marr has been brave.

Ed the Shred

Brown anticipates Marr's question and is clearly very uncomfortable. He raises his eyebrow and then very consciously raises his right hand to his mouth while changing his seating position. All this just before Marr actually pops the question.

This body language indicates a very defensive position being taken - certainly not the body language of someone who is being truthful.

If it walks and talks like a duck ...

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