Thursday, 3 September 2009

Leaping Salmond

Delusions of grandeur


"ALEX Salmond is to demand a place in the TV debate featuring party leaders unveiled by Sky News yesterday, claiming he has as much right to take his place there as any of the leaders of the UK-wide parties.

The SNP is to write to the satellite broadcaster to get a guarantee that he would have a podium place alongside the three UK parties."

Get a grip man, you're not even leader of your party in Westminster. Nick Clegg barely qualifies so TB isn't sure what Salmond is on. This debate should be between the two leaders of the two parties that have a chance of forming the next government. That's what people want to see, that is what is important. The last thing anyone wants is annoying upstarts butting in at every moment, lying through their teeth about how they think they could actually win the election.

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IIRC, Sky have said there will be separate debates in Scotland and Wales. If Salmond wants a place in the Scottish one then fine, but he's off his rocker if he thinks Sky would agree to him being at the main event.


Gordon Brown,

full of words
, with no real opinions.


Good way around the problem, say that the party must have at least 30 or 40 seats in the Commons.

That would solve the LibDem and the Nationalist problems in one fell swoop. It would allow the LibDems to take part fully but it also means that fringe parties such as the SNP and PC aren't cluttering up the show.

Christian May

It's a debate between potential Prime Ministers. Salmond is not running to be PM of the UK. Therefore, he has no place in the debate. Now, if Leaders of County Councils were to take part in a debate - then he should be invited.


Christian, I hope you'r enot comparing the Scottish parliament to a county council!

Aside from that, if the debate is only to be between potential PM's after the next election fair enough, however, wouldn't that also rule out GB?

I actually think that a broader range of speakers is preferable to a head-to-head. It's bad enough that Westminster is effectively a two horse race without deliberately ignoring the smaller parties in the parliament [when it comes to debates] ... we need more political choice not less!

Christian May

Alasdair - that's exactly what I'm saying, yes.

Patrick McGroin

maybe there should be a division 2 with clegg, salmond and the welsh one. farage should be on the main debate as he did come second in the euro elections


Christian, so which county council has anywhere near the authority of Holyrood? You're talking nonsense!


Okay i agree Salmond should really concentrate his efforts in Scotland and there will be plenty of chances for him to huff and puff on the Scottish channels but how pompous is it to suggest that only David Cameron and Gordon Brown should take to the podium and not Nick Clegg?

I have always made it clear that i would rather see David Cameron in power instead of Gordon Brown but over the last few months i think some in the Concervaitves have been a wee bit arrogant and because of the good opinion poll results for Cameron are taking the voters for granted.

Rubbishing the Lib Dem leader just proves this, here's hoping for a hung parliament then we will see how sagnificent the Lib Dem leader really is.

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