Monday, 12 October 2009

UPDATE: BBC Tell the Real Inconvenient Truth

No more government scaremongering. No more righteous indignation from the left. No more Man Bear Pig. The

BBC have finally said
what most sensible people have been arguing for years:

"For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures."

For some reason TB isn't sure this truth will be allowed to ring out across the land. The bee is very much in the lefty bonnet. Why let the truth get in the way of a myth that allows more control over people and more importantly business and trade.

Expect plenty more videos of puppies drowning.

UPDATED 13.00 Found the video:



Man in a Shed

Having read the article I suspect the BBC are having one last try at putting all the facts together and making Man Made Global Warming.

The problem is the take IPCC supporters at face value. No reports of the fraud in the hockey stick, no report of the recent fraud on Siberian tree temperature data. Little mention of their being more ice in the artic this year.

I'm reading Ian Palmer 's book "Heaven and Earth" and frankly he makes the warmists look like the collection of gullible dolts and evil trots reds dressed in green that they are.

The King of Wrong

Indeed... and it's likely to get colder for the next 20-30 years, as we're in the cold phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation.

Just like we were from the '40s to the '70s when people were worried about global cooling and a new ice age.

Anonymous said...

If you think global warming is the only problem then you are missing the point...

Are you aware, that if everybody lived the way we do in Britain right now, we would need 3 earths to provide us with the resources?

If everybody in the world lived like Americans we would need 5.

MikeSC said...

I'd advise people to watch these videos. The people he quotes and the studies he references explicitly contradict what that BBC reporter thinks they mean.

This doesn't debunk climate change- it debunks the right-wing strawman of climate change as something linear- "it was hotter yesterday than today therefore there's no climate change!"

He's operating under a popular misconception of what climate change is, and his misconception is wrong- that's all.

The King of Wrong

MikeSC: The fact of the matter is that the "unprecedented global warming" of the '80s and '90s was due to ordinary natural cycles.

There may well be a second-order effect caused by mankind, but it's dwarfed by the PDO.

Should we do something about that? Possibly. Should we have been told that we were facing an "imminent climate catastrophe" which requires immediate action? No, because it's pure bullshit.

Go on, cry wolf again. Label me a "denier". The world turns...

MikeSC said...

Did you watch the video? The sources used to back up that idea by journalists on your side of things say that they've been taken out of context, or misunderstood.

There may be some who do agree with what you're saying, like that Don Easterbrook- but among the scientific community that is apparently a minority opinion. You're reading things like "the next twenty years will be a period of cooling" out of context- the guy who said that showed how this was perfectly consistent with the idea of man-made climate change.

If you're ready to jump on these scientists as telling the truth when you think that they tally up with what you want to believe, why do you turn around and dismiss them when those same scientists point out that they've been misinterpreted?

Posh Tory

I am astounded at the name calling - 'left wing conspiracies' or the deniers etc.

FFS get a grip.

Yes, CO2 emissions are a problem. No, they won't be solved by stopping me from driving my Land Rover.

We can curb emissions without curbing the economy. It's called innovation. Wind and solar power, for example, require huge capital investment, but provide virtually limitless power with little maintenance or running cost.


No one mentions that we exhale CO2. We should all just stop breathing so that the puppies won't drown.

The King of Wrong

MikeSC: No, I didn't watch the video, as I'm at work. I have already followed up the sources, though.

Mojib Latif, who you're presumably referring to, believes that the short-term effects will give way to a longer-term warming, but it'll be steady or even cooler for the next decade or two.

Syun-Ichi Akasofu, on the other paw, finds a trend with multi-decade oscillations leading to a ~0.8degC rise (compared to +3.0 degC claim for the IPCC) to 2100, a trend which started in the Little Ice Age.

Haven't read Easterbrook's work, but unless he's been misquoted by the BBC, there seems to be agreement here - a "consensus" if you will - that the natural cycles (like the PDO) are dominant. Which is what I said.

Sorry, but you're going to have to accept that some of us have followed the science, but we simply don't believe the hype.

The King of Wrong

Melissa: a quick back-of-an-envelope calculation suggests that an average person breathes in 8L/minute or 11000L/day. At 4% CO2, and standard temperature and pressure, that's about 800g of CO2 per person per day.

Or 1750 million tonnes per year for everyone on the planet doing nothing more than breathing.

Interesting to compare that to the 650 million tonnes per year that the aviation sector produces, eh?


The King of Wrong:


Casper ter Kuile

@Posh Tory - exactly! and what will those new industries bring? new green jobs that sustain families - beating poverty and pollution at the same time :)

Posh Tory said...

@king of wrong

Neglecting of course that we breathe at ground level and planes fly a little higher where the CO2 isn't scrubbed as quickly.

But again, aviation is only a very small part of the problem. Coal power produced in 2006 contributed to 4400 million tonnes of CO2 emission (world coal institute)). Not including carbon monoxide, soot, sulphur etc.

The King of Wrong

Posh Tory: It was merely an example - one that gets an awful lot of press, and an awful lot of taxation. The UK government takes £80 in tax, per economy-class passenger, on a round-trip to the US, ostensibly on environmental grounds...

But, yes. Looking at your figures that another way, "all the dirty fossil-fuel power stations in the world put together are only 2.5x as bad as the human population's breathing". OMFG, let's chain ourselves to a coal train!!1!one!

Posh Tory

@King of Wrong

That is a problem with tax and spend under Labour - should put green taxes into actually producing green technologies and not to cover the arse of a black hole they're in.

As for breathing - thats what trees are for. If you exceed the level that trees can filter out, then you get a CO2 build-up. Either reduce CO2 production or plant more trees.

OMFG... chain yourself to a train if you want, but I've always been more in mind of finding solutions that work.


Oh my God but just look at the poor little bunny wabbit!

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