Monday, 19 October 2009

Cartoon - Leaping Salmond Edition



"Don't be racist, homophobic or libellous. "

Surely this "article" is racist. Salmond clearly speaks for the people of Scotland. By "gagging" him in this juvenile way, you are your self guilty of racism.

What's the matter, scared of a debate?


"Salmond clearly speaks for the people of Scotland".

hmmmm. Remind what proportion of Scots voted SNP last time around.

Posh Tory

Ahh... imflamatory language. Can't you think of a better comeback? By clearly speaking for Scotland - is this why he is having to water down his referendum?

"Ooo.... I can't become King yet, but I promised a vote. So I'll give everyone a get out clause and let them vote for more devolved power."

What's he afraid of? That the people of Scotland will say no? Bring it on.

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