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Labour's Evil Friends

TB is getting sick to the back teeth of Labour, and their

, attempting to create scandal around who the tories sit with in the European Parliament. The audacity that they have in these attacks can quickly be exposed with Google and rather appropriately given today’s attempt at journalism from the Observer – Wikipedia.

The Labour Party sit with the
European Socialists
grouping (PES), a bunch of nuts lefties that make Blair and Brown look slightly to the left of Hannan. Labour can try have a half-hearted smear attempt at the tory groupings, but it is a national embarrassment that the governing party of the day consort with communists, terrorists, murderers, anti-semites and 9/11 deniers.

Oh you didn’t know this? Well it’s not like it’s reported by the main stream media.
Dan Hamilton
wrote a great piece a few months ago and TB would like to share some of what he exposed. Lets just have a quick peek at a couple of Labour’s friends in Europe shall we...

First up we have former Italian Communist Party officer holder and Josef Fritzel look alike
Giulietto Chiesa
. A member of the Communist Party until 1991 Chiesa has since made a name for himself not only blaming Russia’s invasion of Georgia on European countries but more significantly as an extremely vocal 9/11 denier. His documentary Zero, as well as various essays and TV appearances have suggested that the US government was behind the planning and execution of the attacks. This lunatic is now the official European spokesman for the
9/11 Truth Movement

Who else are close allies of the Labour Party in Europe?

How about
Proinsias De Rossa
, ever heard of him? Well he is a murdering terrorist who is linked to the killing of six British Policemen. This former IRA man originally joined the Communist and Allies group before transferring to the PES and taking an active role in the drafting of the European Constitution. What do you expect from a Labour Party who didn’t bat and eyelid when their guest Martin McGuinness was allowed to stroll around the Grand Hotel in Brighton almost 25 years to the day the IRA had murdered so many there.

So many loons to choose from, but TB’s absolute favourite scumbag has to be
Andrzej Zbigniew Lepper
the leader of the Polish Self-Defence of the Republic Party, who Labour sit hand in hand with in Europe.
Where to start with their leader and the sleaze, the criminal activities and the general insanity of the man. Another former communist, he has done time for assault and even demanded sexual favours for jobs in his office. Famed for throwing hecklers onto piles of manure
according to the BBC
, the "chorus of his party song is: This land is your land, this land is my land, we won't let anyone punch us in the face.”

Perhaps most worrying is Lepper’s honorary degrees from the anti-Semitic Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. To give you an idea where these guys are coming from, their honorary professor is the white supremest
David Duke

So next time you hear some Labour tool having a go at tory allies, tell them to go take a long hard look in the mirror and then behind their own shoulders.

The hypocrisy is sickening.

UPDATE 19.11: Not one Labour hack has been able to successfully defend this, or at least have the decency to condemn the facts. Kerry McCarthy, an official spokesman for the Labour Party online resorted to name calling instead of defending her MEPs. Says a lot. Arguments have ranged from the surreal - apparently it's fine as they weren't sort out, to laughable from those who should know better - it's ok because they are pro-Lisbon.

Maybe time to ditch the mud strategy guys.



Excellent post - I get very bored of the Labour Party's smeary agenda.

David Milliband is the worst offender - he's FS for fox ache and acting like a student.

Not a sheep

Why should Labour pull this line of attack? It's not as though the BBC or the rest of the MSM are interested in Labour's bedfellows in the EU. The story is, and always will be, about the nasty Tories and their nasty friends. Don't fall into the trap of thinking the most of the UK media is anything other than institutionally biased against the Conservative party.


Why aren't the Tories making more of this?


I wonder when the Wiki pages on these "Evil Friends" are going to be re-written.

Soho Politico

Are you serious? This is the best you can do? The PES has 184 MEPs, of which you have managed to find a grand total of 3 questionable characters. The group also contains some of the most prominent mainstream leftwing parties in the EU.

By contrast, the Tories' ECR group is a mere 55 members strong, is totally isolated from the mainstream rightwing parties of Europe, and contains a high proportion of extremists. The second largest contingent in the bloc, after the Tories themselves, is the Polish Law and Justice Party, at 15 MEPs.

Unlike the PES or EPP, the ECR does not merely have extremists at the margins: it is dominated by them, and led by one (who also, incidentally, has an unfortunate habit of repeatedly misstating his past record, and then being found out). And why is that? Well, it is because the Tories designed the group that way.

The ECR only exists because the Conservatives created it. They decided that they wanted this group, they went to the ends of the earth to form it, and now they are acutely responsible for the fact that it is a rump of bigots. I can more than understand that you are desperate not to acknowledge all this, but nonetheless.

Tory Bear

just warming up my red friend.

Damian said...

Good man.

It's a long time since the Tories were in power.

I'm grateful that there are blabbering buffoons like you around to remind the children just how weird and out of touch the Tories really are.

Charles Crawford

Unimpressed as I am with Labour cosying up to all those former Communists, am I nonetheless missing something? Are Mr Lepper and Mr Chiesa still MEPs?

Lepper's Self Defence Party blew out in the latest EP elections and won no seats. Mr Chiesa last sighted was campaigning as a Latvian and did not (as far as I can see) get in...

Soho Politico

Heh, Charles Crawford is correct. So there is only one individual on your list who is actually a sitting MEP. When, contrastingly, the Tories are led by Michal Kaminski, and his Law and Justice party is the second biggest single party in the ECR.


One thing to correct. Mr.Lepper is nowhere close to politics in Poland now.

His party scored somewhere around 0.9 % of votes in last general elections and even less in Euroelections.

If anybody needs him you can find him in a court facing numerous trials for various misdeeds.

Voters of the populist little party are now mostly supporting Law and Justice.

My regards

P.S. It is getting ridiculous with the British accusing each other of associating themselves with various parties in Europe, particularily worrying to me is the fact that some people tend to smear politicians in Poland creating a disturbing image of nightmarish political landscape populated by populists, anti-semites and madmen.

This really has to stop - if anything nothing comparable to British BNP (namely present day NOP) NEVER won ANY seats in Poland.
There really is a difference between nationalist, populist or ultra-conservative party and quasi-fascist xenophobes.

Please deal with your problems first, as a Pole I am both disgusted and bored by those sleazy arguments. Thank you.

neil craig

The problem is that, as you point out, the media refuse to mention any of this. I wouldn't say that any of these people are purely evil but they are certainly comparable with anything accused against members of the Tory group & if the media were not controlled by our masters they would report both stories & indeed stories about members of the group the Tories left, equally.

Of course another sign of extremism in the Tory group is that some of them have expressed doubts that the globe is currently suffering from extreme heat.

Hurf Durf

And, right on cue, here come the Labourgs with their paper-thin arguments and raging butthurt.

Looking forward to their total destruction in the public eye, TB.

Anonymous said...

"First up we have former Italian Communist Party officer holder and Josef Fritzel look alike.."

So what you are, er, saying is that he is NOT a Communist Party member and this is NOT a picture of Fritzel.

If it looks like a smear and walks like a smear...

Anonymous said...

"For those who have got in touch to ask why their comments/essays haven't appeared.."

Are you sure politics is the game for you, Tory Bear ?

Anonymous said...

Sorry am I reading this correctly, "Labour's evil friends"

What about "The Tories evil friends" of homophobes, racists and climate change deniers in the EU!!!

Labour is in a big group with many other well respected european parties...
The tories on the other hand moved from the big respectable group to them.
Labour didn't choose who came into the group, but the tories chose which gorup to join! so this article makes no sense!

Check out:

To see why voting tory cannot be good for our democratic process!

Dav123 said...

how can your be saying this wen the tories chose homophobes, climate change deniers and racists!!!!

Check out:

Pete Wass

You forgot the Hungarian mayor who likes to dress up as a member of the SS. His party are part of PES as well.

neil craig

Climate change deniers eh?

The global warming tale has been proven to be a scam built on faked computer programming & a very small number of faked measurements. It is now undeniable that it is impossible for any politician who is not a wholly corrupt liar attempting to scare the electorate into giving them fascist powers to support this lie. That the Conservatives have friends who are not wholly corrupt & Labour don't is not a criticism of the Conservatives.


Are the people of Italy, Poland and Ireland aware that some of their MEPs are allied to the despicable UK Labour Party?


Good post TB.

Another question for the Labour Party is why they continue to sit alongside the Slovak Social Democrats (SMER), who share power with the far-right Slovak National Party of Jan Slota - an anti-Hungarian, anti-Roma, anti-gay party, led by a man who unashamedly admires Jozef Tiso, the wartime ruler of fascist Slovakia.

If a party allied to the Conservatives were to form a coalition government with such a party, all hell would break loose - and rightly so. Why the silence here? Labour should surely be pressing for SMER to be suspended from the Socialist group until it pulls out of this unholy alliance and the media should be pressing them on the issue.

Then there's Radu Mazare of Romania's Social Democratic Party (another Labour ally) who dressed up as a Nazi at a fashion show, and was strongly criticised for it by Jewish groups. Had a member of one of the parties in David Cameron's new grouping behaved like this there would have been a feeding frenzy from Labour and its media friends.

Then there are Labour's Bulgarian allies, the Socialist Party, whose leader (Sergei Stanishev) denounced Bulgaria's first gay pride march, saying that he did not approve of "the manifestations and demonstrations of such orientations". Michel Kaminski was criticised for being homophobic, what about Mr Stanishev?


Hmmm. So, Lepper is linked to Labour how, exactly? One of the other MEPs for his party went over to the PES, but not him.

However, he and his party were members of the EUD party from 2005-2009, where they were joined by three tory MEPs, including the webstar Dan Hannan

So, if you really want to use him as an example of a bad choice of friend, you should be careful who he really sat with.

Amsterdam said...

Typical Tories twisting everything. Claiming he looks like Fritzl....unbelievable. Where do you get off comparing him to someone as evil as Fritzl. As I said typical tories warping people's minds with your right wing, murdoch sleaze. This country was brought to its knees by conservatism...socialism and equality for all is the only answer. Ther is no denying your links to right extremists in europe. celebrating the SS. Horrible Tories. CHE IS RIGHT

E Guinan

How about Proinsias De Rossa, ever heard of him? Well he is a murdering terrorist who is linked to the killing of six British Policemen.

Is that the sound of De Rossa's libel lawyers cracking their knuckles?

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