Thursday, 22 October 2009

Today and Tonight

TB is all over the place today sorting out his life, he will however be back tonight and hosting a Live Question Time Chat from 10.30. Come join for the shouting, the hysteria, the laughter, the tears, the fascists and the BNP.

Prediction: Griffin is going to look like the utter plank he is and the "Anti" Fascist authoritarian thugs will do their cause no favour. Also money says we will see this man.

Looking forward to hosting the fun and games tonight. You will be able to sync your twitter account to the chat room, if TB can make that work. Also email him if you fancy moderating.

Bring some beers.


Old Holborn

I have the leaked audience list

Old Holborn

I've invited everyone from my place over here this evening.

Get the beers in


I've already seen Martin Smith on, errr, Newsround. (Yeah, Newsround covered the BNP. Bizarre.)

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