Wednesday, 11 November 2009

UPDATE: Could it be?

There is rumour about, whispers in the air, that
Recess Monkey
is set to return. The website that Tory Bear most certainly did not rip off from a right wing perspective disappeared when its author Alex Hilton went away to be all serious and set up
Game Changer PR
. Alex, the next Labour MP for Kensington and Chelsea, told the TB the site could make a return once this little problem had been sorted out:

It's not the computers TB is worried about. Anyway this a little bear on monkey action could be highly amusing.

Just don't tell the candidate for Tooting that his nemesis is back...

UPDATE post lunch: Yep The Monkey is back in business. Let the games begin...


Pedant said...

"disappeared when it's author Alex Hilton..."

"its" in this context is spelt without the apostrophe - it's the possessive.

Keep up, dear boy. As I already noted yesterday, they really don't teach you how to spell properly at Edinburgh, do they? Cyclops must be doubly disadvantaged with his one eye.

Anonymous said...

Meh, Game Changer don't exactly look like a serious outfit - a lot of unemployed/soon-to-be-unemployed NuLabour hacks with desperately few Tory credentials or contacts. Can't see them surviving more than a year under a Tory government.

And Alex has been left pretty marginalised since the whole debacle over the Mayor of Baltimore. (I wonder if she ever made good on her threats to sue?) Serious lobbyists don't jeopardise their whole careers for a prank.

So he'd probably be best off going back to monkeying around on the blog. Think of all the material our Labour friends will be providing during the next five years of opposition!

Irfan Ahmed

Yeah! The Monkey is back!!!

Charlie the Chump said...

Still a problem at 17:10, useless primate

Old Holborn

He has to be more fun than Alex at Labourlist.

(apologies, I'm new to this blogging thing)

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