Friday, 13 November 2009

Why Mandy Won

Mandelson was crowned Politician of the Year by the Spectator yesterday. His return from the wilderness and accumulation of power quicker than anyone could say "mortgage loan" was truly stunning. If you ever doubt Mandelson's snakelike charm and silver tongue, just read his dangerously disarming, self-deprecating, but ultimately hard hitting acceptance speech yesterday via
Left Food Forward
“Thank you Fraser.

It is a great honour to be the first winner of this prestigious award to come from outside the ranks of the Bullingdon Club since 2006.

I am not sure what the collective noun for Bullingdon Club members is – I am looking for the word. I know its not chumps.

Anyway, I am sure it will come to me. On which subject, I am pleased to be following in the footsteps of last year’s winner, the Mayor of London.

Winning this award is another thing to add to the list of things I have in common with Boris.

Both of us have spent happy years working in Brussels. Both of us have come back from very public resignations. And, of course, both of us share a driving ambition to do all we can to undermine David Cameron.

And while we are on the Bullingdon Club theme, I must say it does feel odd being up here this year without George. I missed him on holiday this year as well. Was it something I did?

I have reason to be doubly grateful to The Spectator after they so kindly welcomed me back last year with the Newcomer of the Year Award.

And who would have thought a year on – I would still be in the Cabinet?
So it is with as much relief as pride that I receive the Politician of the Year award today.

I haven’t actually accumulated a new title for at least a few weeks so this is particularly welcome.

Of course, you know me. I am happy to serve in whatever capacity I can be of most use – as I was saying when I just happened to be in Brussels last Friday.
A long planned engagement.

Before I go I want to pay tribute to Matthew D’Ancona for his transformation of The Spectator. And he has a ferociously intelligent – not to say increasingly ubiquitous – successor in Fraser Nelson who I have no doubt will keep all of us on our reforming toes.

Boris and I are testament to the fact that political comebacks are possible.
Which is why I look forward to handing this award over to Gordon Brown next year rather than handing it over to yet another member of the Bullingdon Club.

Once again, many thanks. It is always good to be recognised by my friends on the centre right.”
TB hates him, but damn it, you got to respect him.


Sara Scarlett

TB hates him but I f*cking love this man.

It's only matter of time until Peter and I are married and I take my place on the throne beside him as Princess of Darkness.

It'll be a sexless but powerful marriage. Can't wait. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh dear @torybear that's minus 10 goody points for photoshopping a moustache onto a handsome young man UNTRUTH SPEAKER!

From: @LordGoebbels

(That's twitter)



Careful, Sarah. Marry him and you won't know which way to turn.

Anonymous said...

Was I the only one that took the sentence "I am happy to serve in whatever capacity I can be of most use – as I was saying when I just happened to be in Brussels last Friday.
A long planned engagement."

As pretty sinister?

Thumper the Rabbit said...

Trust in me, tum te tum, just in me .....


TB hates him, but damn it, you got to respect him.

Why? A liar, fraudster, cheat and sucker at the generous, involuntary teat of you and I? I detest a man whose secret life would make even a hardened killer vomit.

Nick Drew

Darling's dry humour was unappreciated by the audience: I thought that

"things were going absolutely fine until I walked into the door of No.11"

deserved a decent laugh, but it was missed entirely

Sara Scarlett

Sara. Not Sarah, is it so damn hard? Really?

Anonymous said...

Given that he's been caught and forced to resign several times and has been shown to be a friend of oligarchs who directly profited from his descisions on metals trading what is so admirable? He smears and defames anyone who opposes his ambitions achieved by standing in the shadow of others because his private life makes standing in his own name impossible. What is so great about him ? he is to the body politic at best a mild STD.

Alan Douglas

While most other speeches rose to the bi-partizan occasion, I thought his speech decidedly snide. Was that 3, or 4, mentions of Bullingdon ?

Nothing new there then ....

Alan Douglas


The triumph of wit over integrity.

Matthew Hopkins said...

I'm not sure respect is the right word. I would certainly acknowledge one of the most skillful political operators of modern times. But respect? Just how many times do you have to resign in disgrace before you are recognised as a serial taker of bribes, bungs and backhanders?

Mandelhoon represents something very bad about British politics, the closed circle, power at all costs mentality. He has no mandate yet seeks an ever larger empire. He has finances that defy explanation (as if he'd condescend to try). He is the poster boy for corruption at all levels. Think of a single thing he has done that has left th UK a better place? no?... me neither.

Anonymous said...


Perfectly put.

Nick said...

It's amusing to observe Mandelson's slithery evasiveness, but respect? Deceitful fraudsters shouldn't be elevated on pedestals - one can acknowledge their facility without applauding it.

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