Thursday, 12 November 2009

Verdict on the Speccie Awards

TB's invite must have got lost on the way, damn postal strike eh? Anyway a word or two on the results of the

Spectator Parliamentarian Awards:

Politician of the Year: Peter Mandelson - fair. He's good. Too good.

Parliamentarian of the Year: Harriet Harman MP - Very very debatable, Fraser has a crack

Newcomer of the Year: Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP - Newcomer? But a good choice, he has managed to toe the line re Europe and has seriously beefed up the Tory economic team.

Inquisitor of the Year: Paul Farrelly MP - Something to with a certain Carter-Ruckas perhaps?

Peer of the Year: Baroness Warsi
- Good shout.

Speech of the Year: Daniel Hannan MEP - Goes without saying.

Resignation of the Year: Rt Hon James Purnell MP - shame it lead back to square one and that the DWP lost a much needed right-winger. Should be offered to role in an incoming Tory gov.

Minister to Watch: Lord Adonis - Shame he can't be held to account by MPs. TB will enjoy watching him though, in opposition.

Campaigner of the Year: Joanna Lumley and the Gurkhas - Heather Brooke surely?

Readers’ Representative: Douglas Carswell MP - Sound. Michael Martin invited?

Survivor of the Year: Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP - Smirk. It was a true fight that kept him in the Treasury. Eh Balls?

Backbencher of the Year: Andrew Tyrie MP - Would Carswell have got this if the readers hadn't crowned him their king?


Pedant said...

I don't know how many times I've corrected this error:

toe the line


tow the line !

Oh, and it's already been established that Carter-Ruck is correctly spelt by substituting F's for the first C and the last R.

Anonymous said...

How nauseating to see the Spectator fawning over Fondlesbum of Boys.

Tory Bear

You really are one of the saddest people I have ever come across on the internet.

And that is saying something.


Dear Pedant,
Thank you for pointing out Tory Bear's atrocious grammatical and lexical knowledge. It has been an annoyance to me for some time now.


Harriet (Court of Public Opinion)Harman?????

The woman is a walking open mouth waiting for her stupid foot to go in it.

Yep, Pedant, perhaps you'd like to give me a lecture about interrogation marks (overuse of, the)?


Those of us who live in Purnells ward would rather he wasnt a member of the next parliament.

It would be a terrible shame if he were to be allowed to swap ties and keep his job.

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