Monday, 7 December 2009

Consternation in Cambridge

TB's Tab eyes and ears has whispered about some serious grumbling going on around the selection process of candidates for the
upcoming Open Primary
set to be held on the 12th for Cambridge City Conservatives. Interestingly the Local Chairman Dr Sarah El-Neil decided at the last minute to throw her hat in the ring having allegedly been involved in the
less than subtle
ousting of the previous candidate
Richard Normington.

Given the track record of GPs in open primaries it is is certainly intriguing that Dr El-Neil took her Parliamentary Assessment Board just 48 hours before the deadline to be a candidate passed. Obviously strings had to be pulled in CCHQ to make this happen.

Given the track record of local GPs in open primaries it is certainly intriguing that Dr El-Neil is the only truly local based candidate and clearly the odds on favourite to win. More intriguingly is the role of her ally and close friend - the Deputy Chairman of the Association - who oversaw the selection process. Over sixty people applied for the seat, many of them very talented local residents who did not get a look in. Why not? Why when they were clearly there weren't more local candidates included in the final list?

The primary is in less than a week and there are large elements of the association in disarray and up in arms about what is happening. TB isn't surprised that the suggestion of a "stitch up" is being banded around in more than a whisper.

One to keep an eye on. From the bookies.


Anonymous said...

Are your super sources the commenters of ConHome? Fucking chump.

Tory Bear

yes that's exactly right. how silly of me not to have read that today.

can see only one comment vaguely referring to what is discussed here...

haha chump? says the person loitering to comment within eighteen seconds of a post going up.

Anonymous said...

mate, you're a fucking blogger. Sort your life out.

Tory Bear

haha keep em coming. they just get better.. the person leaving anonymous comments needs to take a long hard look in the mirror before they go around criticising other people.

jog on.


There's clearly some mileage in this piece, TB. You've rubbed up the right people, obviously ;)

Anonymous said...

it's worse than that...


Come on ananymous - tell us who you are and perhaps you can be sent a little bear?

You are proving just how pathetic Labour are going to be on the run up to the next election.

No policies, personalities, supporters or cash.


David Vincent said...

Dr El-Neil is not a GP, nor all that local. As far as I know her practice is wholly private, based mainly in Garley St, but also in a private hospital in Cambridge. Although her parents are still in Cambridge, and she owns a flat there, she seems to have spent her time almost entirely in London for many years.

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