Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Copenhagen Collapses

Great news out of Scandinavia - further proof that the left can't organise a piss-up in a brewery. The Copenhagen Climate Summit has descended into chaos with toys being thrown out of prams left right and centre and well needed spanners being thrown into the huge overexcited hysterical cogs. The hippies are closing in, putting the entire centre
under lockdown
and TB believes there have been several sightings of man-bear-pig himself. The champagne and canapes have been replaced with rows and dramas. Looks like the world might not send their economies back a hundred years or so after all.

If Gordon even dares try claim he has saved the world again when some cock-a-hoop deal is spun as a historical moment, don't let the left get away with it. This conference has been a farce and the radical union that it's supporters wish for it to achieve has failed spectacularly.



Jack said...

Keep believing TB. And oh yes, btw, please turn the last light out when you leave Planet Earth.


Put out flags.

Hypocritical, careerist, paper pushing twats. The rich nations looking to make a fast buck and the poorer nations with large empty buckets they expected to be filled.

It's like a den of thieves falling upon a rich man who's passed out in the gutter.

Private jets, chaffeur driven cars, five star hotels and canapes.

And now the public school white rastas are in town intent on an off.


Northampton Saint said...

Hold on, Gordon flys out and the talks collapse?...Who'da thunk it...JONAH STRIKES AGAIN!!!


Yeah, baby, yeah!

Fingers crossed for the whole thing to collapse into a humiliating fiasco. If only Al Gore could get caught with hookers in his Gulfstream jet....I guess that's just too much to hope for.

Posh Tory

The hippies wouldn't get past my fourth footman.

Its a shame that the climate change argument got taken up by these protest loving morons. Its like having Gordon as your Prime Minister... no help whatsoever.

opinion prole said...

Brown's interview last night on BBC World TV was utter bollocks. The man doesn't listen to the question and makes no attempt to answer the perfectly simple point being put to him. He just spews out chunks of prepackaged verbiage which are completely unrelated and never actually makes any point at all. I suppose his minders in the bunker have told him to just say anything that comes into his head because nobody is listening anyway. As for the gurning and weird facial contortions, it's just getting worse. It is terrifying to think that this madman has been allowed to wreck our own economy and is now hoping to wreck everybody else's with the carbon trading scam, but is apparently totally unaware of his own monumental incompetence. Please somebody lock up this egomaniac raving socialist lunatic and save the world.

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