Saturday, 12 December 2009


Britain doesn't do political dynasties like the US does, the drab and painfully dorky Milband brothers are no Bush family. But perhaps there is a decent one in the making finally - congratulations to
Jo Johnson
who, in a marathon slog, has been selected to defend Orpington. TB must admit he wasn't familiar with many of the details, but this Financial Times journo seems to have all the flare and intellectual fire power of his older brother. He imagines those more vile elements of the left-wing media will be digging and trawling for anything that can be chucked at him this weekend.

Hope is beginning to fade for their father Stanley getting a winnable seat - rumour has it that those at the top don't wish to give Boris and easily accessible route back into the Commons at the drop of a hat in eight years, if you believe conspiracy theories.

However a Johnson in the Commons again can never fail to liven things up.


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