Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Nick Brown Abuses Taxpayer

Congratulations to Labour's Chief Whip and uber-chump Nick Brown for diverting taxpayer funded civil service resources in attempts to see off challengers in his own constituency. Guido

report last week
that the government officially monitored his Wednesday PMQs live chat rooms. The great thing with Labour is they can't even bother to be subtle. Funnily enough the first, and as far as TB can see the only victim of this has been Brown's Lib Dem opponent oop north Greg Stone. Look what they've done here, it's well clever:
Nick Brown's researchers flag up comments. Brown phones leftist hack David Hencke, formerly of the Guardian, now clearly bored at Tribune as he is freelancing and doing Labour's dirty work
in The Telegraph
. A further briefing was given to the
local press
. Subtle Nick, subtle!

It is not known if Labour whip Kerry McCarthy has been involved in these dirty tricks but it gives you a good insight into the office she reports to. Labour grassroots and net loons have the audacity to accuse the Tories of playing dirty by attempting to unofficially fund raise for a candidate. Let's not forget who has been the polluters online this year eh guys? From the grassroots right up to Downing St and the Whips office Labour is tired, cornered and aiming below the belt. Interesting piece on
this afternoon reminding us just what it was Brown promised when he began his ill-fated premiership - "no spin, no briefing, no secrets, and respect for Parliament".




profanity really seems the only language to describe this lot. I suggest NB's predelictions govern his mind as well as whatever else. Does sh**t, thinks it and glories in it.

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