Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Against the Odds - The Better Version

Yes it's over the top, yes your average Massachusetts resident will scorn, but yes this is awesome:

A two bottle lunch and TB is ready to man the barricades - the Fighters and Believers! 



I wonder what it would be like now if we'd prevailed back in the 18th Century?

Annual upheaval with snow up in the Dakotas ("every godamn year we get it and every damn year the buses won't run"), Boris the Mayuh of Noo Yoik ("cripes!), Clegg on the campaign trail in the deserts of Arizona, Cameron fretting about the hillbilly vote in the Boondocks. Brown apologising to any Native American and generally f*cking things up but on a much, much bigger scale.

My point is of course...erm...oh...

John R

Imagine the Torys attempting to make a similar commercial. Not easy is it?

You can only come out with something like this when you have ideals you believe in, when you have a vision of what life could be like, when you dont rely on focus groups for your next policy announcement.

Baron Collingwood

Stepney, as one whose ancestors fought in that war (the US side sorry) if they would have known then what we in these US know now, they probably wouldn't have bothered.

As much as you have problems with government in the UK, US citizens wouldn't know what to do if they had regular reporting of the corruption within our government just a few of your papers seem to do on a regular basis. Course they would have to turn off American Idol and learn how to read first...sorry TB just don't have that much trust in the US electorate long term anymore. Even our 'conservatives' will sell out fiscal conservatism for their favorite government programs...

CityBoy said...

Bunch of Rebel arseholes.

The world would be better off had the rebellion been crushed at Concord and George Washington hanged from a sour apple tree.

Blue Blighter

I can't believe that I actually want people to vote Brown.

Ross said...

Yeah, Scott Brown is such a crusader against tyranny, that's why he's against proper trials for terror suspects.

When it comes to American politics, moreso than politics elsewhere I think, supporters see what they want to see.


"The pundits said it couldn't be done"

Love it.
So who were the 'pundits' commentating on the chances of a successful revolution?



If Nick Clegg was campaigning in Arizona in the 18th century then he would of been campaigning in another country..

Kind of stupid thing one expects from a Lib Dem.

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