Sunday, 24 January 2010

Balls Cooks Up the Numbers

Those who have worked close to bullying Ed Balls say his only saving grace is his sharp intellect. It seems his maths could do with

some work though

Doesn't look like fifty activists to TB, making up the figures again Ed?



You forgot the hidden postal Voters


Now THEY look like they could do a job saving the country.


What an attractive group of people. Where does one sign up to join them?


Never mind cooking up the numbers, Ed Balls can't even make porridge. What a wuss.

Bill Quango MP

50 activists.

10 in photo and Ed.
5 on training courses.
6 on retraining courses.
2 completing CRB paperwork required for groups of ten or more people.
2 more completing H&S paperwork for the compliance with standing on slippery steps.
4 off sick.
6 away signing on.
2 obtaining permission from police to photograph a public building.
2 under arrest for terrorism for previously photographing a public building without official consent.
1 informing the local papers.
1 Twittering the momentous event.
1 convincing Alan Carr's agent that this really for charity {he's in the centre}.
1 completing expenses claim for E. Balls - travel- accommodation - lunch- new scarf etc.
1 trying to sort the cock-up that has seen the activists issued with yellow I Luv Lib Dem stickers.
3 At college.
2 plotting to take over the Leeds Labour leadership from the others.
1 double agent phoning Mandelson to report on what Ed Balls is up to.

All accounted for TB.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the middle doesn't look like Alan Carr, more a working class Richard Gere in glasses. You Stupid Tory Dimwits would be lucky to do him!

Frank said...

Yellow is, or was labour's colour in Lancashire, perhaps it is in Leeds too.

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