Monday, 4 January 2010

Embattled MP Resorts to Legal Threats

The pressure of the

campaign is clearly taking it's toll on
expenses troughing
Kerry McCarthy. She has resorted to throwing around vague legal threats instead of defending herself.

Tory Politico was
absolutely right
to describe Kerry as a "disgraced MP". She is a disgrace to her Party, her ideology and the House of Commons. Go on Kerry, sue, it will do your rep the world of good.


Anonymous said...

Yes go on Kerry sue. Thought she wasn't giving 'toddlers attention'.

Old Holborn

"You will be hearing from lawyers"

Conveyancing lawyers. She wants to move back in with mum and dad in Luton.

Anonymous said...

Is she not aware of the existence of Donal Blaney?

Anonymous said...

She does not have a legal ground to stand on!

Silent Hunter

Kerry who?

Miller 2.0

"Is she not aware of the existence of Donal Blaney?"

That's probably why she wants to sue. Decent chance of a win.


Good luck with the launch!

my tuppence worth


I had to laugh. Then I laughed again.

Why is it all was free-speech loving lefties that want to silence everybody first?

OH parachutes in the perfect one again.

Anonymous said...

Extra, extra: disgraced MP disgraces herself further. You couldn't make it up.

Thats News

"ur (sic) website?"

Dang. She just disgraced herself, again!

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