Monday, 25 January 2010

How Low Will The Gordian Go?

Two fascinating insights into the mindset of Gordon Brown and the desperation at the heart of his government have appeared this evening. Firstly, TB isn't too sure about the background - he suspects they are lefties, but The Guardian is giving some well deserved exposure to the campaign group who have managed to get the Department for International Development to cough that the money Gordon promised at the top of his voice in Copenhagen as definitely not previously pledged was errr... Previously pledged:

Brown said:
"The British government recognises that finance to tackle climate change cannot simply be part of official development assistance. Assistance for climate change should not be allowed to divert money from the pledges we have already made to the poorest."
A bare faced

So The Guardian had one good hit on Brown today, already preparing for the Labour Party bunfight coming after the election some hacks are willing to bash Brown and are forming new camps. The Guardian is in a real pickle, they would loath to back Cameron or Clegg but can't exactly throw their full support behind Gordon without contradicting what ninety percent of their hacks deep down think and have written - that Gordon is atrocious and should have been got rid of last year. Many at The Guardian knew what was going on in that plot, and many more backed it. It is as much The Guardian's failure that Brown is still here and has been allowed his torched earth ending as it is the Milibands of this world. It is a real shame to see on the same browse of their website, a Guardian hack still doing the dirty work of the bunker. Are you attacking him or backing him? A decision has to be made soon because sooner or later The Guardian has to stop taking and printing the vile filth, lies and spin that come out of the bunker.

Nick Watt normally has a good eye for the lay of the land, but he seems to have been given one hell of a briefing from the Brown bunker with
this one
Gordon Brown believes the Conservatives are endangering the Northern Ireland peace process by adopting a pro-unionist stance in breach of the bipartisan approach which dates back nearly 20 years.

As the prime minister flew to Belfast tonight with his Irish counterpart, Brian Cowen, to try to rescue the power-sharing executive, senior British government sources expressed deep unease at the Tories' approach.

Brown is attempting to broker a deal between Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist party to devolve policing and criminal justice powers to Northern Ireland. He has told aides of his astonishment after the Tories convened talks among unionists at an English country estate.
TB is astonished. Firstly with all this talks of "English country estates" you would think some sort of Peel/Wellington/Emancipation battle was going on. What the hell sort of line is that?

Gordon is deliberatly trying to score party political points by stirring up trouble. Now TB knows that sectarian politics is relished in the inner workings of the Scottish Labour Party, but when you are representing the United Kingdom as its leader, you do not stir up a delicate balance of power with references to an English enemy to score cheap shots at your rival. And frankly the piece is a shoddy copy and paste of a one sourced smear.

So on with hand The Guardian are bashing Brown and with the they are doing his desperate dirty work.

What's it going to be?


The Old Trout

The story has been repeated by Nick Robinson on BBC News at Ten - absolutely disgraceful.


Its a nonsense story that will damage Brown. I didn't watch the News at Ten, Nick Robinson will hopefully be damaged too. It appears that both Labour and the BBC have acted very irresponsibly.

Silent Hunter

It says a lot about Gordon Brown that he would even be prepared to see Northern Ireland lapse back into violence if he thought it would damage the Tories.

The man is a scumbag of the first order and I hope that all the little Labour trolls out there are fully aware of whom they support.

It's not surprising that Labour voters should switch to the BNP - there isn't much difference between the repressive, authoritarian Labour Party and the Nazi Party.


I heard Nick Robinson's unattributed bit of spin "some at Westminster are saying..."

He really should attribute malice or not use it at all.

The Tories could save a ton of money by advertising all future government jobs on the internet rather than in newspapers (like the Guardian).

Matt Wardman

>campaign group who have managed to get the Department for International Development to cough that the money Gordon promised at the top of his voice in Copenhagen

World Development Movement?

Leftish, but non-partisan and highly respected.

Sunder Katwala

Tory Bear,

This is very silly of you and commenters to present it as No 10/BBC spinning and 'some at Westminster'. You don't really seem to have followed that this has been seen as a quite significant story in Northern Ireland itself on every side of the political spectrum.

None of you even seem to be aware that three Conservative ppcs in Northern Ireland resigned at the weekend over the secret Unionist talks, arguing that they contradicted Cameron's earlier pitch to a non-sectarian politics. Can we agree that is news?

And they have been condemned in stark terms not just by the moderate nationalist SDLP but also by the cross-community Alliance Party as undermining the "honest broker" role.

Cameron seems to have ditched the policy of Peter Brooke and John Major, which labour has continued, and you could argue there is a contrast too with Margaret Thatcher's Anglo-Irish agreement.


The peace process is finished - Jonah has got involved.


Robinson did a fine job of smearing Cranborne this morning in a piece worthy of a bloke, one might think, who dreams of editing the Guardian when he leaves his present post. Assuming the rag still exists when that happy day comes, of course.

CityBoy said...

Please can we re-run Peterloo?


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