Thursday, 7 January 2010

Steve Hilton Nicked

The Birmingham '08 

of Steve Hilton has been circulating for a while now, the culmination of a week of briefing against him by a member of the Shadow Cabinet. One thing that immediatly came into TB's mind was that who has honestly never been tempted to call someone a wanker during a dispute with a train guard?

It's not like he slapped his wife or slept with a seventeen year old, to mention just two stories about Labour or government staffers that TB has heard... A great little scoop for Cathy Newman but the copy was handed to her on a plate. This story will and should blow over.



Question 1: When is the alleged Shad Cab briefer going to be shot?

Question 2: Is this bad like Hattie's failure to provide insurance details was bad?

Question 3: On a separate issue. Should I trust C4 'Fact Checks'. Won't the facts assume that the world portrayed in the Guardian is real?

Question 4: I'll let a Labour activist ask this one. Its so bleeding obvious even they should be able to do it.


This non story is the main rolling link on the beeb news webshite. Why am I not surprised?


Neither was there anything about the Tory MP who couldn't be bothered to turn up to the sentencing of his own son to jail having overdone the champagne lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

The C4 link says 'criminal record' - that is misleading. Paying a fixed penalty notice, whilst discloseable (I may just have invented that word) in an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check, is not a criminal conviction.

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