Monday, 25 January 2010

Tory Bear Vs. Recess Monkey

TB had the pleasure of going up against his old cercopithecoid buddy Alex Hilton PPC and editor of 

Recess Monkey
on Sky News on Friday. He just remembered that he had recorded it. Wasn't his finest performance and both the bear and monkey both seem pretty grumpy. But don't worry they love each other really.

TB reckons it was a no score draw... thoughts?


Tory Landlord

Surely Recess Monkey gets a minus score for "If you give your soldiers some body armour...perhaps that's not necessarily any better for their welfare."

CJ said...

Not much in it. Alex gets the majority of the time, so probably shades it. What the hell was going on with the hair? You deserve to lose it for that alone ;)


Yep you are right, no score draw. Actually, not really worth watching except for curiosity about TB's hair.

(Can't you borrow some money from the KerryOut fund and get a comb?)

Tory Bear

alright alright i need a haircut.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Alex Hilton look like Will from the Inbetweeners?


Alex's stuff on defence spending was ridiculous, so with that and your avant-garde barnet, I'm awarding this one to TB.

Anonymous said...

TB was bland - neither good nor bad.

But cripes, Recess Monkey was hopeless. Talk about hanging yourself with your own rope - it was like watching a car crash.


I hope you showered well after talking to that odious little bleep? He is a slimy version of Blair, if one could get slimier, but not clever enough to get a decent seat.

Horrible little twat known from the past five years.

Walsingham's Ghost

Hilton spouting inane waffle as always - how does he earn a living again?...


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