Tuesday, 9 February 2010

+++ Exclusive: Joanne Cash Not Resigning +++

Double sourced. Statement imminent.


UPDATE 18.09: Peace has apparently been brokered.

18.12: Westminster North Conservative Association has not accepted Joanne Cash's resignation. CCHQ is working to resolve issues.

18.17: Well that certainly is an interestingly worded line, that should have come out this morning. You could defintely add a "yet" to that sentence. Seems everything has calmed down since last night. A boil has been lanced and in the cold light of day TB suspects the decision to jump looked like a bit of a silly over reaction. Though there will be invitable personalities to sort and kinks to bash out, TB suspects Joanne Cash will be returned from Westminster North down the road to the Palace on May 7th.

This little sticky wicket could be a bit of a headache for her on the road to that day though.

UPDATE: 20.41: CCHQ: "She is still our candidate. There was a personality clash at the local level. It has now been resolved."

Two and half hours late CCHQ confirm what you read here first.


Political Scrapbook

Not accepting someone's resignation doesn't necessarily mean the issues have been resolved from the other party's perspective.

It seems to me that this is essentially a holding line, which they should have come out with HOURS ago.

GM said...

CCO still trying to hunt down the new President as far as I can tell - peace has not yet broken out, although I think a deal is being brokered. This thing has been brewing for a week.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"CCHQ: "She is still our candidate"."

There is certainly no doubt about that.

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